Longboat EMS earns high marks

Longboat Key Fire Rescue recently received high marks from residents who are transported and cared for by emergency personnel.

Fire Chief Paul Dezzi issued a report on Oct. 6 that said 98 percent of patients who were treated by EMS personnel in the third quarter of this year rated their care as either ‘outstanding’ (the highest rating) or ‘excellent’ (the second highest rating).

Longboat Key Fire Rescue responded to, and transported, 95 patients between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2014. The average age of the patients was 68 years old. Of the total, 8 were cardiac, 6 were orthopaedic injuries, 4 were respiratory emergencies, 2 were hypertension and 30 were an assortment of other maladies.

The report rated 11 criteria including how the 911 call was handled, the performance of the paramedic crew, and the treatment of injuries.

Of the categories, the performance by the paramedics, including their skill and competency, communication, concern for privacy as well as equipment rated highest with more than three quarters of those surveyed denoting a score of ‘outstanding’ and 20-25 percent rating the service as ‘excellent.’

The categories from highest to lowest rating were ‘outstanding,’ ‘excellent’, ‘average,’ ‘fair,’ and ‘poor.’

Dezzi shared the written comments made by Longboat Key patients, which include:

• “Paramedics did exactly what was needed and correctly reported to the ER what I had encountered.”

• “We truly appreciate the services of the Longboat Key Fire Rescue Unit and feel safer knowing they are available.”

• “All paramedics were wonderful, but Brent stood out. He had been to my home two years ago to help me, and was just as caring then as he is now.”

• “Your team was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.”

• “We were very pleased with the way everything was handled.”

• “Great team, enjoy the conversation, my mistake was not requesting the lights and sirens; that would have been even more fun.”

• “We are always grateful for the quick response, wonderful men and women that serve our community, thank you to all.”

• “Very effective and professional.”


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