Longboat Village parking meets with review

Where to and where to not park in the Longboat Key Village was up for discussion at a Monday, Sept. 15 Town Commission Workshop meeting. Commissioners forwarded the revised parking plan and asked the Town Manager for a clearer depiction of the changes for residents at the Monday workshop.

Staff prepared Ordinance 2014-31, which amends Town Code to make the following changes in Village Parking regulations:

• No Parking – Entire North side of Broadway Street from Palm Drive to Bayside Drive

•No Parking – 11:00 PM -5:00 a.m. on the entire South side of Broadway Street from Palm Drive to Bayside Drive

• No Parking – Eastside of street on Lois between Broadway and Russell Street

• No Parking – Eastside of street on Poinsettia Drive between Broadway Street and Russell Street



At an April 21 Regular Workshop, the Town Commission discussed parking issues in Longbeach Village. Several citizens expressed concerns and offered suggestions to improve the parking situation. Citizen suggestions focused on three areas of concern:

•  A parking plan to meet the needs of the Village residents

•. Code Enforcement issues concerning Jewfish Key rentals

• Code Enforcement monitoring of seating at the Mar Vista Restaurant

After deliberation and public input, the Commission directed staff to amend the current parking Code to mirror suggestions offered by Moore’s Restaurant co-owner Alan Moore and other members the public.


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  1. Barry Rookes says:

    Congratulations to the commissioners and the workshop committee for their diligence in resolving this Village parking situation. I might suggest an additional caveat to the proposed restricted parking areas so to allow residents to park on the street in front of their homes. A simple parking pass displayed in the windshield of a vehicle would facilitate authorization for the resident vehicle or guest.

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