Town to honor 9-11 victims

As part of the observance of the 13th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the Town will again install 2,977 American flags in the Town’s right-of-way in remembrance of those who died in the attacks and their aftermath that day.  The flags will be installed on the afternoon and evening of September 10th and removed on September 12th.

This form of remembrance was initiated by the Town and Chamber of Commerce in 2002.  The concept’s originator was Gail Loefgren, President of the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce.  The Town’s Public Works staff has set up this display every year.

The idea was to develop a low-key, solemn, yet powerful, memorial by placing a single, small, American flag in the right-of-ways of the Town for each person who lost their life on a day that has forever changed our great Country.  People wake up on the morning of 9-11, see the 2,977 flags, and then find them gone on September 12th.  This annual, passive display has been the Town’s only official commemoration of this important event in our Country’s history over the past thirteen years.

Gulf of Mexico Drive is approximately 10 miles long and has over 100,000 linear feet of right-of-way, counting both sides of the road.  In order to accommodate all of the flags, they are placed approximately 20-30 feet apart along both sides of the entire length of Gulf of Mexico Drive, as well as along Bay Isles Road.

If you have any questions please contact Town Manager Dave Bullock at 941-316-1999 or Public Works Director Juan Florensa at 941-316-1988.

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