What you need to know when weather gets severe

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Town of Longboat Key

Getting information out to the public on severe weather is always a challenge for emergency services.  Ensuring all residents, visitors, and employees get the information is a priority of the Town of Longboat Key.  During a storm the Town employees, property managers, business owners, residents and visitors must work in cooperation to ensure EVERYONE is safe.  The Town of Longboat Key takes public awareness and safety seriously.

Although a great deal of attention is paid to devastating impacts associated with hurricanes, residents should also be mindful that severe weather events occur year round in the form of winter storms, tropical storms, and lightning storms.  These weather systems can also have damaging effects on our property and present life-threatening situations.  We encourage our citizens and visitors to take an “all-hazards” approach in their personal and family preparedness planning.

The Town’s website is designed to provide important links to informational resources to aid you in all aspects of preparedness.  Take the time and educate yourself and your family by visiting the Town of Longboat Key’s website, www.longboatkey.org  for useful information such as:

• Disaster Supply Kits

• What to do before a storm

• What to do during a storm

• Re-entry Plan

• Hurricane Categories

• BE Prepared


Important to note is that residents have not had to experience a severe weather event in many years but remember it is not if we have a severe weather event it is when…..and we all want to be ready!


This website contains helpful information to make preparations for an approaching storm as well as tips to assist you after the storm.  Please print and save the information now, as you may not have power if a storm impacts our area.

The Town of Longboat Key along with the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Disaster Preparation Seminar in June.  Please visit the website where you can view this seminar.

For any questions or concerns residents are asked to call the Town of Longboat Key Fire Rescue Department at 941-316-1944.

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