Turtle Ordinance Awareness message utilizing CodeRED

The Town of Longboat Key used the CodeRED alert system, which sends auto messages to the phones of anyone who signs up at the town’s website, to notify Longboaters of sea turtle nesting safety. It is the middle of the turtle nesting season and there have been reports of several hatchling disorientations and stuck turtles. The message was sent to the residents as a reminder to dim their lights that are visible from the beach.


CodeRED message:

“This is a message from the Town of Longboat Key concerning Town Ordinance provisions for protection of endangered sea turtles. 

Sea Turtle nesting season runs from May 1 through October 31 each year and is currently underway on Longboat Key. Your assistance is needed to help protect these endangered species. Please turn off or shield both outside and inside lights at night. If lights can be seen from the beach, they can disorient nesting or hatching turtles and prevent them from reaching the ocean. Please remove beach furniture, cabanas and other objects from the beach each evening or store them as far back on the beach as possible. Sea turtles do not maneuver well on land and may become trapped and die due to obstacles on the beach. Any large holes in the sand should also be filled to prevent adult turtles and hatchlings from becoming trapped in the holes.

If you have any questions concerning the Town’s turtle protection and lighting ordinance, or if you need assistance determining if your lights are problematic for nesting or hatching turtles, please contact the Town at 941-316-1977. 

For more information about sea turtles or to report issues related to sea turtles, please visit www.lbkturtlewatch.com or contact Mote Marine Sea Turtle Program at 941-388-4331.”


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