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The NFL draft is over. Sam is now in St. Louis, that is, Michael Sam; the only openly gay player in the NFL draft was finally taken in the seventh and last round by St Louis. There are questions about Sam’s overall ability but when you consider that almost anonymous defensive players from Division-II had been selected, one doesn’t have to wonder very long about what the problem was. If Sam, a consensus all-American at Missouri, makes the grade, a lot of NFL front office personnel are going to look like fools.

I’m a Brown’s fan. If there was an admitted gay out there who could play, I want them to take him and I wouldn’t much care if he was trans-gender and a cross-dresser to boot.

President Obama didn’t call, tweet or whatever, any congratulations to Sam as he did when a gay pro basketball player went public. Give him a pass on this one, he is busy invoking more regulations of the energy sector. Along with trying to close all the coal plants, new regulations concerning fracking are underway in what can best be called a war on fossil fuels.

Two recent reports, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.S. National Climate Assessment give the president an excuse to act. The reports contained the usual claims about man-made global warming but without really addressing the lack of temperature increase over the last 14 years despite confident predictions to the contrary. Robert Samuelson, writing in the Washington Post, thinks each report should contain the following declaimer: “Despite our belief that global warming poses catastrophic threats to many of the world’s 7 billion inhabitants, we acknowledge that we now lack the technologies to stop it. The purpose of our analysis and policy proposals is to create the political and economic conditions that foster the needed technologies. But there is no assurance that this will happen, and much time and money may be invested in futile and wasteful efforts.”

The problem is, as Samuelson sees it, “From 2010 to 2040, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects global emissions will increase almost 50 percent. About 80 percent of global energy comes from fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas), which are also the major sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. No sane government will sacrifice its economy today — by dramatically curtailing fossil fuel use — for the uncertain benefits of less global warming sometime in the foggy future.”

The worst news is that the projected increase will come from developing nations, with China contributing 50 percent of the increase. U.S. emissions are projected to decrease slightly while emissions from most Western nations will stabilize. Still, any decrease in emissions on the part of the United States will be drowned out by China, India, Brazil and other poorer but developing nations.

Hopefully, Samuelson is correct when he says that no sane government, again, hopefully ours is sane, would destroy its economy when any efforts to further reduce emissions would be overwhelmed by increases in Asia, Africa and South America.

Benghazi remained in the news, at least on some outlets. The House Republicans, with the help of a few Democrats, voted to create a special committee with subpoena powers to investigate the events surrounding the killing of the American ambassador and four compatriots on September 11, 2012. It is hard to predict if anything new will be uncovered or whether, at this point, a majority of the American public wonders what difference does it now make?

One thing we already know, the men trapped in Benghazi fought the good fight but they were waiting for help that never came. The official explanation is that there wasn’t time, that we could have sent someone but they couldn’t have gotten there on time.

Sorry, that dog doesn’t hunt. Muslim terror attacks have no scheduled duration. They can last 15 minutes, or 15 hours, or 15 days. It is only in hindsight that one can really know if there was, or wasn’t enough time. Someone should explain why he, or she, decided to put all military assets in the region on stand-down when there was no way of knowing if there was sufficient time for the cavalry to come to the rescue.

It does matter. As I’ve written before, we deserve to know if we’re governed by fools, or members of the League of Lying A**h***s.

Just when you think the United Nations has sunk low enough in the esteem of sentient people, this supposed meeting place for the family of nations manages to sink even lower.

The United Nations just elected Iran to the Commission on the Status of Women. According to the U.N., the commission is the “principal global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women.”  What was the U.N. thinking? Iran is run by a regime that stones women to death for the crime of being gang-raped. Stoning women to death doesn’t do much to advance women in general and it certainly doesn’t do much for the woman being stoned.

Why putting Iran on a council tasked with making the world safer for women appeals to the U.N. we are left to guess. Whatever the reason, that alone should make us a bit leery of trusting too much in what some like to call, “The headquarters of the family of nations.”

Last week needed a lot of explaining. Let’s hope the next one is better.

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