Hal Lenobel celebrates 90 years with family and friends on Longboat Key

A room full of love, laughter, family and friendship joined together last sunday to celebrate Longboater Hal Lenobel’s 90th birthday. The party was held at the Lazy Lobster and owner Michael Garey ensured the lunch event was a memorable occasion. Hal’s son, Jeffrey, spoke about some of Hal’s achievements and highlights including a career as a Long Island dentist, 62 years of loving marriage to Hazel, three-time Longboat Key Mayor, avid golfer and PGA rules officiator as well as the closeness the Lenobel extended family enjoys. Friends then toasted Hal including Commissioner Phill Younger, Vince DeLisi, Jack Jaret, former Town Manger Bruce St. Denis, Matt Walsh, former Mayor Joan Webster, Steve Reid  and others. Hal blew out the candle on his dessert and spoke of the love for his wife Hazel, who has passed, and how her love and the love of his family and friends is what remains as most important throughout his life. Scroll down to view the photos…

Photos by Steve Reid

Hal reflects on 90 years.

Hal and his son, Jeffrey

Hal with Stacey and Randy Thompson

Phil Granger and Town Clerk Trish Granger

Hal and Trish Granger

Melissa Reid, Hal, Stephen Reid

Fanny Younger, Hal, Commissioner Phill Younger

Jeffrey Lenobel, Nathaniel Robinson, Sandy Robinson, Donna Lenobel and Hal

Bruce and Laurie St. Denis

Melissa Reid, Hal, Donna Lenobel

Daughter Sandy Robinson and Hal

Jeffrey Lenobel spoke about his father’s life and personality.

Hal and Stacey Thompson

Former Mayor Joan Webster

Jack Jaret

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