Pastor, Gans win Longboat Key election

Newly elected Irwin Pastor toasts his victory and supporters after learning of the results.

Victor Terry Gans, left, is congratulated by Mayor Jim Brown.

Longboat Key elected one new Commissioner in last night’s election — Irwin Pastor — and affirmed the continuance of Terry Gans on the seven-member board as well.

Pastor won the At-Large seat with 1,300 or 60% of the 2,160 total votes in his support compared to rival Armando Linde’s 860. To compare the county support on Longboat Key, Pastor earned 52% of the 565 ballots cast in Manatee County and 63% of the 1595 cast in Sarasota County in his race against Linde.

Gans bested Ray Rajewski for the District 3 seat earning 1,252 votes of support or 57% of the total, to the 930 Longboaters who voted for Rajewski. Gans earned 56% of the 563 ballots cast in Manatee County and 58% of the 1619 cast in Sarasota County in his race against Rajewski.

The strongest margin of victory of the night was the Sarasota School Board referendum which passed district-wide with 77% or 34,212 ballots in support, and 10,340 against the measure. The referendum’s passage continues a 1 mil additional tax for 4 fiscal years to support Sarasota County schools.

Patricia Zunz retained her seat as the District 5 Commissioner as she ran unopposed. The same holds true of Lynn Larson who ran unopposed and thereby retains her District 1 seat for another two year term.

The next major order of business is the swearing in of the four commissioners on Monday, March 31 at 5 p.m. The new Commission will then on that night select the Mayor for the coming year as well.

Below are the totals that were distributed by the Supervisor of Elections:

Scott Pastor, Irwin and Irwin’s wife, Sylvia Pastor.

Nancy McElmeel, Joel McElmeel, Suzanne Reiman, Cheryl Taub, Mel Taub, Sean Kalicinian, Maria Kalicinian, Rich Reiman, Woody and Sue Wolverton.

Bob White and newly-elected Irwin Pastor.

Randy Clair, Jinny Johnson ,Kip O’Neill and Mayor Jim Brown wait for the winner, Terry Gans.

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