What is the best way to find a Realtor?

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We are going to purchase a new home in the near future. What is the best way to find a Realtor who can help us? And what are the fees associated with retaining an agent?

First of all, there is no charge to buyers for the services of a Realtor. Sellers are charged a commission fee which covers the cost of the sale and services of the selling and buying agents and their Brokerage firms.

Selecting a Realtor requires some research on your part.  Many buyers rely on friends or colleagues for a recommendation. Some look in the newspaper or online to see who is selling the most properties. These may not be the best ways to select someone with whom you will be spending a great deal of time and in whom you will be placing a great deal of fait

The Realtor you select should be interested in your welfare and not the agent’s own sales potential. You should carefully listen to the answers to your questions. The responses should be honest and pertinent to your needs. Finding someone who is a “good fit” is the most important criterion. You must be comfortable enough with the Realtor to share personal information and feelings. The individual you select should understand your lifestyle and approach to purchasing a home, and demonstrate patience and a thorough knowledge of your requisites.  The bond between you must be trusting and enthusiastic.

Whether you are a new or experienced buyer, the Realtor should know not only what you want but what you don’t want.  The agent should understand your shopping mission. A skilled professional will thoroughly inform you about the general Real Estate market as well as specific properties of interest to you.  As an educated buyer, all pertinent qualitative as well as technical factors will be part of your final decision.

Sheldon Paley, a resident of Longboat Key for 20 years and a realtor for 13 years, is affiliated with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty. Prior to moving to Longboat Key, Paley attended Ohio State University; U of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and Harvard Medical School for 18 months for a degree in Implantation.

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  1. Great article, thanks for the information. A buyer should always keep in mind that the listing agent of a property is working for and representing the best interests of their client – the sellers. Even the seasoned buyer can benefit from the services a buyer’s agent provides. Buying a home is generally one of the largest financial decisions a person will ever make. Put a “buyer’s agent” to work and have the benefit of an experienced professional on your side. Your buyer’s agent is your advocate, your advisor, your negotiator, and your confidante throughout the buying process.

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