Proposed Hilton plan to go before Planning and Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Board will examine a site plan amendment for the Longboat Key Hilton Resort at its 9 a.m. Dec. 17 meeting that requests 85 of the town’s pool of 250 tourism units as part of a $24 million renovation-and-expansion project.

Delray Beach-based Ocean Properties Ltd., owner of the Hilton and the Resort at Longboat Key Club, submitted a site plan application in September for the project. If the plan is approved, the Hilton will be the first applicant to take advantage of the 250 tourism units, which were approved in a referendum in 2008. The Hilton’s site plan application was submitted Sept. 4 and includes redeveloping existing Hilton buildings and the 102-rooms that currently sit on the site, in addition to the requested 85 of the town’s tourism units. The 85 units will be used in a new tower building on the property. If approved, the Hilton project may commence in the first or second quarter of 2014.

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1 Response for “Proposed Hilton plan to go before Planning and Zoning Board”

  1. ghostrider says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps trite, but nevertheless true.
    So permit me a few trite words:

    Did you count the number of “units” visible to you in the picture? Seventy-two for front and back, no?

    Let us now visit another thought. If I came to you and said I wanted to convert some open land on LB to new streets, what would be your response? How about adding five streets? Four streets? Two? Just one more street.
    How many house are on one of your longgggg side streets? Would you say fifty? Eighty? Did you ever do the count? How about twenty homes? (I’m waiting for someone to tell me twenty-three!!!)

    Now every time you construct a new Hilton addition, you are adding how many streets? (Think about all those folk heading North over the bridge to get an ice cream cone. They ain’t all headin’ South to the Circle of Consumption.)
    As long as you never leave your “investment” it’s no big deal. Right?

    Hey, did Hilton put out enuff beach chairs? The picture makes me think we are short a few.


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