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The Breakfast Club was started by three men:  Steve Reid, owner and publisher of the Longboat Key News, Hal Lenobel, former three-term Mayor of Longboat Key and its longest serving commissioner (twelve years), and Bruce St. Denis, former Town Manager of Longboat for fourteen years.  Two additional board members have been added recently, Attorney Richard Hershatter and businessman Jack Jaret.

Just on appearences, this group bodes well for the future.  The Breakfast Club meets three times a week at the Coffee Carousel on Main Street in Sarasota.  One of the three days is devoted to inviting a guest for breakfast,  The guests thus far have numbered 20, each with much to offer.  The three board members and the guest discuss ideas, thoughts and notions which are relative to improving life on the Key and Sarasota.

From the description of what takes place in the one hour devoted to conversation, I am told is engrossing, entertaining and stimulating. Everything discussed at the breakfast is off-the-record. Nevertheless, the usefulness of the items in the conversation will one day prove invaluable.  The guest is invited to initiate the discussion and the deliberations that follow are immensely interesting.

My informant has given me a list of some of the guests who have already  appeared at the breakfast or are already scheduled to appear which should give you an idea of the value of the personalities and explain the value of the conversation:   Judge Lee Haworth, Mayor Jim Brown, Former Mayor of Sarasota Mollie Cardamone, Former Mayors of Longboat, Jeremy  Whatmough, Lee Rothenberg and Joan Webster, County Commissioners Nora Patterson and Joe Barbetta, Attorneys John Patterson, David Persson and Mike Furen, Longboat Key Commissioners Terry Gans, Phil Younger and Jack Duncan, Former Governor of Maine Kenneth Curtis, Former Longboat Commissioner Peter O’Connor and IPOC President Bob White. When and if the time necessitates, a second invitation will be forthcoming.

In the brief existence of this group, I am told that there are 14 emails and telephone calls to Hal Lenobel, who does the inviting, requesting to be asked to breakfast.  There seems to be a feeling of importance and significance to the invitation. By the way,  I am on the list waiting to be invited and I hope to report back on my visit, providing I am asked to attend.

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  1. Dick Hershatter says:

    I do not believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or Dan Dowd, nor do any of them appear in the LBK phone book. When and if the mythical Dan Dowd comes out from behind his anonymity, I will be happy to invite him, her or it to a meeting of the Breakfast Club.

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