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It has been some time since I last wrote a column for the Longboat Key News.  I really didn’t have much to say, primarily because the Longboat Commission didn’t do too much nor did they accomplish too much.  As a result I thought it would be a good time to write about the commission.  I will treat the members of the local legislature as being positioned on a ladder.  At the top rung we have the most reliable and efficient legislators and as we proceed down the ladder we have the also-run.

At the top are two commissioners; one is Mayor Jim Brown and the other, Phil Younger. Our mayor has become very adept at running a meeting and he has always served the community well, employing his consciense to reach decisions.  You can’t ask for more of a leader.  Phil Younger has always been the voice of reason on the commission.  He is trustworthy and responsible.  We are fortunate to have them in our service.  As we slip down the ladder, we come to Jack Duncan.  He is a bit volatile for my taste.  I am never sure what action he will take nor side he is on.  In fact, he does change his mind a little too much.  Further down the ladder is Commissioner Zunz,  She has a rather unassuming personality, but seems to depend on her local  area.  for a lot of her attention.  I would like her to realize that she represents all of Longboat Key, not only the northern end.. Perhaps time will change her approach to her job.

Slipping down a bit more we finally arrive at David Brenner and Terry Gans.  The problem I have with Gans is that he seems to follow the majority most of the time and does little to initiate thoughts and actions.  He is up for reelection again in March, 2014, and his outlook doesn’t seem too bright.  David Brenner rubs me the wrong way.  He is so enamored with business and growth for the Key that he has lost the approval of a great many citizens.  I don’t think the residents of Longboat want more business than they have now.  Most are satisfied with the residential beauty of Longboat.  They don’t want to ruin it by Miamization of the area.  I think most people love what they have.

Finally, we hit the bottom of the ladder; the last rung.  Who do we find there? Of course, Lynn Larson. Commissioner Larson would do better if she found other interests than legislative involvement.  When she speaks at meetings, fortunately the other commissioners pay little attention.  The worst she has done was her unmitigated gall by screetching threats at her fellow commissioners for not being on her side of a position.  She actually threatened to make certain they don’t get reelected.  There is no place on any legislative body for that type of action.  I am amazed that the other commissioners didn’t respond to her when she irritatingle spoke.  Two commissioners did vote against her, but none really defended the entire body when they should have.  By the way, that wasn’t the only time that Mrs. Larson went off the deep end.  She repeated her rankling at another commissioner, who was acting properly, some time ago.  She is not an asset to the commission.

It is very strange that a decision has not been reached on a few items of deep concern to the residents of Longboat.  Decisions have been delayed on too many items of vast importance to the Key.  Cell towers, for example, have been bandied around for almost five years.  Beach renourishment has been an ongoing problem without a solution for too long.  Pensions for employees is still not finalized, although I am led to believe there is progress with that problem.

Come on,commissioners, let’s resolve our problems and your differences!!

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