Boat trailer rules under review

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The Town of Longboat Key is looking to clean up its yards. In an effort to regulate boat trailers and portable storage units, the town is working on an ordinance that will forbid parking boat trailers in front yards or driveways for a period of more than 5 days per month.

The initiative was born through town commissioners asking that trailers and property maintenance in general be more highly regulated. The trailer ordinance specifically states that it is unlawful to park any trailer, recreational vehicle or portable storage unit on any property or land located within the town for more than five days in any 30 day period with certain exceptions.

The exceptions occur if the trailer or recreational vehicle is located entirely in a carport, garage or other building, is in a permitted mobile home park, is in a parking area of an existing hotel or motel, or is in the parking area of a multi-family project (condominium).

Boat trailers will be allowed to be parked in rear yards or side yards provided the trailer is located behind the front of the house.

Further, boat trailers on side yards or backyards must be screened from public view or adjacent properties with a six-foot fence, wall, gate or vegetation with 80 percent opacity.

The new rules also state that no one shall use an RV within the town as sleeping accommodations, nor to cook or serve food from within, nor be connected to any source of electricity or potable water.

There has been some initiative, although unsuccessful to date, to create separate boat trailer parking policy for the Village in deference to its historical character.

The evolving trailer ordinance will be discussed on Monday, July 15 at 1 p.m. at a trailer subcommittee meeting at the Planning, Zoning, and Building Department conference room in Town Hall.



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2 Responses for “Boat trailer rules under review”

  1. Ghostrider says:

    Mr Moore

    The world is a social contract It has two sides and most of us are programmed into reading the front side of the contact and then surprisingly finding nothing on the back side. Let me apply this to the issue at hand:

    You live in a gentrified community that is sensitive to appearance. It wishes to maintain its property values as well as to increase them. That’s understood. Now let us look at the INVISIBLE copy written on the backside:

    We’re in an economic Depression. Monies are tight. Costs are fixed. How do we raise revenue in a gentrified community without people rebelling. First I issue permits to people who wish to keep boats on LB. It’ s a nominal fee: $7. No one will argue with that. We have to also charge a one time administrative fee of $10. Yearly renewals will be $7 until 2015 when they will rise to $10. We use “servicing future pensions” as an excuse for raising the fee.


    Then there is the small matter of where they want you to park your trailer. LB will ask you to build or plant a small lattice fence or hedge to hide the trailer. This will entail another fee to show that you have met the building code and height requirement.
    With more time and space AND a double Manhattan on ice, I could show you how to impose $50 of additional annual fees. I assure you that the individual building a tennis court in their front yard on the north end of LB sees it all as the cost of doing business. It’s all part of Operation Squeeze. It is not part of Operation Leave Me Alone.

    P.S. If I owned a dry-dock warehouse I would be licking my chops right about now.

    Your ‘umble servant
    Ghostrider, 70

  2. Paul Moore says:

    What are these people thinking ? We live on an island for gods sake !! Think a few complainers are trying to ruin things for the majority of us.. Leave my personal property rights alone.. I use my boat 3 to 5 times a week and have never had any complaints from anyone about it.

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