Avoid ‘cash register goals’

This Letter to the Editor went beyond a simple comment on an issue and is being published here as a guest opinion.

Dear Editor:

Your editorial “Longboat Key: Will our future be as bright?” in the Longboat Key News publication of May 3, 2013 page 6 was expressed with literary and journalistic skills not all Longboaters possess, “observed” far too little in other publications, and written in a style to focus on facts, foretelling of potential future results of decisions made today — bypassing and holding to a minimum both negative and positive emotions.  Emotions words in the editorial when used were chosen with integrity in the style of writing and used appropriately as hooks to attract the thoughts and reasoning skills of the reader.

That said there are many myriads of mixtures of skills and abilities required to understand the impact upon a single resident’s use of property, and enjoyment of property both today and in the many tomorrows of the future.  To provide justice in a decision today, one must fully know and understand a decision might be used improperly by a transient construction group behaving as a money vulture and capable only of immature self-interested decisions and acts.  The true thinker in the political arena must also inherently include thinking for the island residents both as a collective group and as a single individual, and resist the temptation to feed the money vultures. Stepping into a public office – the person must cease self-interest, cease working for the self-interested and become an honest and noble public servant.  For those seeking only “cash register objectives” — failing miserably to recognize the natural creation here on Longboat — they should be prevented from reaping the “cash register goals” and be denied the enjoyment of the beauty of the natural creation.

Some individuals simply cannot understand or conceive ideas or possibilities other than those affecting only their narrow daily lives, and certainly cannot envision a future built upon his or her decision today.  Many of those same individuals simply cannot comprehend the beauty of the nature here.  True leaders are “no nonsense, understanding thinkers.”  The real “no nonsense” is a thinker who can understand the results of words and decisions upon the daily enjoyments of (including the profit motive of a shop owner) private and/or public property, the roads, and the commercial areas.  The real “no nonsense” thinker will fully comprehend we are a small town of less than 7,000 people (census figure), and according to the United States Census Bureau having available land use of only approximately 4 square miles.  Unlike the mainland, the true thinker will understand the geographic area is finite. Building up, as opposed to out, has results ladies and gentlemen. Those undesirable results? The vultures do not care. The money vulture is seeking only to devour our quiet and “not overbuilt” island to feed its self-interest.  It is those results the spin-writers and politicians will persuade you to believe their construction profits and other profits are in your personal best interest. Do not allow the strong persuasive techniques and rhetoric to mask, disguise, the greed to feed on money, or distract you as an optical illusion or magician distracts you. The true no-nonsense thinker will fully comprehend the word “lifestyle” is not a cash register — but is a holistic set of joys, family values, ethical values, moral values, social graces, respect for one another, to the point of including friends and associates using some lifestyle values and measures ignoring age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and yes — ignoring wealth.

We have finite/limited land; only about four square miles. Added construction, added people, all must use the same and limited four square miles. Even in the course of events if construction does “go up” (yes, meant literally, and figuratively) we are in a “closed-in-space.”  Given environmental, economical, and political limitations, we cannot change the limited four square miles. Failure to recognize the limit, and failure to recognize the lifestyle desired by those who live here will potentially be catastrophic to the lifestyle.

In your travel of daily life and protecting the lifestyle here on Longboat, pause periodically:

Enjoy life; how or where one starts life, nor how or where one finishes is the most important. The joy in life is the trip. Taking life’s flight and keeping one’s ethics and integrity, that is the goal.

A lesson in protecting our lifestyle is to realize and to recognize the money vultures:  “If I really knew you I know what I would find.  Instead of a brain, a cash register.  Instead of a heart, a bottom line.” — Kathleen Kelly from the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”

Bob Parrish

Longboat Key 

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  1. GeorgeSmith says:

    Enjoy life; how or where one starts life, nor how or where one finishes is the most important. The joy in life is the trip. Taking life’s flight and keeping one’s ethics and integrity, that is the goal.

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