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Welcome to the first installment of Longboat Key News’ guest columnist and Key foodie Erin McWhorter.   Read in coming weeks as Erin visits area culinary hotspots and offers healthy eating tips and observations.

The food the table next to you ordered looks so beautiful and well presented.  The diner pulls out her camera and takes a photo of it before she even tries it.  Instantly, it gets uploaded to the Internet and her social media accounts via a new foodie trend called Food-Spotting.  Yes, that is me, Erin McWhorter, an iPhone-wielding food lover.

It is safe to say that everyone loves food.  Whether it is dining out a local restaurant, grabbing a bite at an out of the way find, or creating that unique homemade dish, food (and wine) increases the enjoyment in our lives.  I am no different than most people in this regard.  However, I have found myself taking my love of food to an entirely different level over the last few years.  This elevation in my love of all things food, and desire to share recipes, restaurant recommendations, and most of all, photos of my experiences seems to have coincided with the increase in technology and social media which make sharing experiences and new ideas much easier.

I am not a professional chef, far from it, but the excitement that I feel when a new restaurant opens, or an item on a menu really catches my eye, is something I find myself wanting to share with others.  I’m quick to strike up a conversation with the staff, chef, or owners at my favorite dining spots, and then share those experiences with my family and friends.  My camera is never too far away when creating a new healthy variation of a favorite dish, or dining at the newest hot spot in Sarasota.

My current focus is natural ingredients, organic fruits and vegetables, and fresh herbs.  What complicates all of this is that I have a better half that prefers burritos, quesadillas, and Pringles to healthy gourmet.  Although his burritos are the best I have tasted, he has started appreciating that great taste can come in a healthy package as well.

My hope is to share my love of food (and wine), and the dining experience, with a broader audience on Longboat Key.  On a weekly basis, this section will feature a combination of recipes, healthy eating tips, and restaurant recommendations, as well as photographs of recent experiences related to all things food.

Erin is a Sarasota native and Real Estate Professional at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty.  Eating is just one of her favorite things.  You may contact Erin at Erin@ErinsEverydayEats.com to share your favorite recipes, dining adventures, and for a chance to be featured in Erin’s Everyday Eats.  

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  1. Eric Peters says:

    So many places – so little time to seek out some graet spots – look forward to reading about the winners and losers.

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