Bullock serves Colony list of maintenance issues; owners face timeline

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In a letter dated March 19, Town Manager David Bullock sent a letter and maintenance requirements for the upkeep of the Colony to members of the Colony Association of Unit Owners and Dr. Murf Klauber. Bullock cites Resolution 2012-07 as well as the upcoming hurricane season as reason for the needed maintenance requirements. The resolution was adopted late last year in an effort to keep the Colony maintained even though it is closed to residents and the public.

Bullock states that the Colony has to address each of the listed problems in the letter by April 12, 2013, and if an issue cannot be addressed within the given timeframe, the Colony must provide a plan to address the remaining deficiencies by June 12, 2013. “Should the deficiencies not be addressed or a plan not received by April 12, 2013, the Town will be forced to take action. The Town will remedy the deficiencies by utilizing the Association cash bond or initiating code enforcement or nuisance proceedings, whichever is applicable,” wrote Bullock.


The following is the list of items that the town’s Building Official Wayne Thorne wrote and requires the Colony to address:


Restaurant and its appurtenances:

1. There is loose and hanging gutters that appear to have wind or possible rainwater weight damage. The roof overhang exceeds 12 inches and therefore can be removed rather than replaced. Removal of the loose and hanging gutters will prevent the possibility injury or damage of anyone from the public and any neighboring buildings of the community.

2. There is a (fabric) tent type structure at the outdoor dining area. There are portions where the fabric material has deteriorated to a point that it no long serves its intended use, or maintenance requirements as outlined in the Florida Building Code (FBC) 3105.4. Per section 3105.4.2.1 there are portions that do not meet the requirement as being permanent or non-removable. The portions that are torn and are no longer secured shall be removed. The permanent portions that have become loose or damaged shall be re secured or removed to prevent its removal or continued damage that may cause failure from winds that exceed a 75 m.p.h. wind velocity as referenced in FBC 3105.4.2.2. See section 3105.4.3 also for fastening requirements, and section 3105.4.2.1 for quick removal or breakaway requirements.

3. There is a fence type rail on the deck between the presidential and vice presidential suites that appears to have been torn down or has fallen. This shall be removed to prevent the possibility of winds carrying it away to adjoining properties.

4. There is a roof over the entry area to the public restrooms. This roof has become deteriorated to a point that there is loose and missing roofing, sheathing, and framing creating a hole opening that may no long withstand wind pressures or uplift pressures causing it to come apart and affect neighboring properties. All loose and unsecure portions shall be removed or secured.

5. All doors to the structure shall be secured in the closed position to prevent internal wind pressure damages, which cause the building to fail.

6. At the glass wall portion of the dining area on the beach side there are windows and doors with a removable shutter system. There are two shutters that are not in position. To meet the intent of the shutter to protect the fenestrations during a wind event they shall be reset.

7. Along the south side there are conduits, cables, and wiring that is no longer secured to the soffit area. To prevent them from causing damage to the portion of the building that may come loose these shall be secured.


Pavilion, Maintenance, housekeeping, and accounting buildings:

1. The fabric to the canopies is deteriorated to point that the fabric is no longer secured to the framework therefore creating a maintenance issue being out of compliance with FBC 3105.4.

Current conditions show that parts of the fabric have torn and blown away. All damaged fabrics that are not securely fastened shall be removed or secured.

2. There are many doors that do not latch or have no means for securing the door in a closed position. There are windows that are open or missing its glazing. If the opens are not properly closed off there could be internal pressure issue associated to high winds that may affect the building. Secure all openings or boarding up to limit the possibility of damage due to a wind event.

3. The green house building has loose plastic panels. Panels that are loose shall be refastened. Panels that are damages shall be replaced or removed.


Midrise Building

1. There is a loose door and latticework on the north side of the building that shall be secured and or removed.

2. There is a loose guardrail on the sixth floor south side that shall be secured.


Villas and residential units.

1. All doors to the units, storage closets, and mechanical equipment areas shall be secured in the closed position.

2. There is a gate to the Vagabond unit that has been removed from its hinges. It was leaning against a palm tree. I set it on the ground. This shall be reset or moved to a safe location.

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  1. George says:

    ‘Maintenance Issues”? That describes on-going acitivities…these pictures depict a re-build or rennovation is called for, not Maintenance.

  2. Georgie McFarland says:

    Time for the bulldozer.

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