Publix wows Longboat at grand opening

Longboaters came out in droves for the Publix grand opening. From left is Debbie and Commissioner Jack Duncan, Richard Perlman and Commissioner Phill and Fanny Younger.

There was an air of shear excitement and triumph as the doors burst open at the Longboat Key Publix grand opening last Thursday. In the crowd were Longboat

Store Manager Andy Lappin

Key Commissioners who approved the project last season. Publix officials from their Orlando headquarters as well as the store’s entire management and employee team welcomed the hundreds of excited shoppers who rushed to find an expanded new store offering many amenities tailored to the Longboat Key market.

Store Manager Andy Lappin said the newly expanded cheese and wine sections are one of his favorite aspects of the new store. Those categories in particular sell well on Longboat Key and the cheese section will be staffed with a expert to assist shopper in making selections. Lappin has been with Publix for 23 years and said he expects the outside patio seating area to be busy with shoppers and strollers who may want to snack or relax in the outdoor seating area.

Another feature to attract shoppers is the store is providing free WiFi connectivity so that visitors can sit with a laptop, tablet and enjoy sushi, a sub or simply a cup of coffee.

Publix has opened 25 stores per year over the last 15 years and is the largest employee-owned company in the country. Store spokesperson Shannon Patten says Publix and nearly 1,100 stores produces in excess of $27 billion in annual gross revenue.

For visitor Laura Anderson, whose parents Joyce and William Benton live on Longboat, the store was amazing.

“I adore it. Longboat is the greatest place to live in the world and the fact that you can go to this store and enjoy the range of food is simply unparalleled,” said Anderson.

The store will open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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4 Responses for “Publix wows Longboat at grand opening”

  1. Deborah Guzdzial says:

    Amazing!!! What a great experience to walk into a business and be treated this way.Every person you come in contact with is always pleasant, and very knowledgeable. More businesses should take this example of how to be. Compliments to all of you. Leon & Deborah

  2. Kelley Roth says:

    Heading down to Longboat on Wednesday and cannot wait to get into the new Publix!
    LBK is the best place ever and so is Publix!

  3. Joe d says:

    Long live LBK!

  4. Scott Swonger says:

    Getting ready to head to Longboat for our annual Christmas vacation and looking forward to the new Publix, can’t wait

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