One dollar = One vote

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How can we return America to greatness? We know our country is in trouble. Our fiscal debt cliff is a rising Everest; poisonous political polarization prevents

progress; laughable infrastructure tumbles into rivers and seas; our health statistics rival Cuba.

We know the magic of the market moves mountains. Now we will use that magic to incentivize democracy and reinvent American politics.


The plan

We will use the simplicity beloved of our founding fathers — every dollar paid in taxes to federal and state treasuries equals one vote.

This new democratic system attains instant advantages. The budget deficit will shrink — perhaps disappear. Citizens and corporations will no longer waste money on secret SuperPacs and “social welfare” groups. Their tax dollars will transform directly into patriotic power, buying the kind of government that renews the nation.

No longer will job and wealth creators like Mike Bloomberg spend $100 million on stupid campaign ads, kissing babies while slathering their arms and necks wit

h industrial strength Purell. A quick get-together with like-minded entrepreneurial, successful individuals, and elections will be decided quickly and cleanly. No longer will industrious businessmen waste time on complex trusts cumbrously converted into Cayman IRAs. Corporations will take their tax avoiding overseas accounts and gladly give them back to the nation, certain they can honestly elect national leaders who understand that the business of America is business.


How it will work

Nominations will be conduced like the NFL draft. Worthy candidates will be vetted by scouts appointed through the most prominent companies and individuals.


Power Week

American elections will become the “Greatest Entertainment Spectacle Ever.” Power Week will transform international media, making the Olympics and the SuperBowl look like Snooki’s Rutgers commencement speech.

Throughout Power Week, 24/7 videos of all candidates will capture every second of our newly transparent politics. Embedded sports/newscasters will follow each and every candidate as they make their deals with the nation’s power brokers, deeply engaging the electorate in a real-time reality show that will illustrate for every American how power really works.

Television and media rights to Power Week will be beyond colossal, as people across the world will watch the globe’s most powerful nation remake policy and democracy right in front of the cameras.

And every of the many billions of dollars in media rights for Power Week will be earmarked to immediately reduce the federal budget deficit.


Rebranding Congress

Americans no longer trust their national leaders. It’s time for Congress to rebrand.

The best American designers will create new aesthetic masterpieces. Art and fashion will effervescently combine in the new uniforms worn in chambers and in public by our senators and representatives, as each man and woman dons the gorgeous political logos of the corporations and individuals who got them elected. This massive increase in democratic transparency will be fiscally aided by selling holographic copies of the logos, cross-marketed to benefit the Treasury.


Empowering personhood

As the Supreme Court rightly pointed out in the Citizen’s United Decision, corporations are people — the teams that work, produce, innovate, creating knowledge, jobs, the very wealth and lifeblood of the nation. Now corporations will become recognized for what they really are — special citizens with special, irredeemable rights.

For simplicity, corporations will only be allowed to vote in a single state. Chevron might decide to control Wyoming’s two senators, while Exxon may plan to use its tax dollars to acquire power in New Jersey or even Texas. Corporate gender will require careful selection, as male corporations trying to merge with other male corporations might be forced to relocate to states allowing same-sex marriage. Doubtless the Supreme Court can clarify this important issue.


Solving illegal immigration
through corporate adoption

No one knows what to do with the many millions of illegal immigrants. The answer is simple — make them earn citizenship competitively and productively. Corporations will be encouraged to adopt large numbers of illegal aliens. After periods of five to 10 years spent under the careful tutelage of their corporate parents, the powers and privileges of earned citizenship will open to these new Americans.


Work Tax

Making dollars paid into votes will provoke a revolution in American industry. Knowing that wealth immediately translates into political power, Americans everywhere will strive to quickly become rich.

Nonetheless, some will be left behind. Instead of receiving welfare and costly medical treatment for absolutely nothing, unemployed Americans will need to work. The hundreds of thousands of unemployed master’s degree-holders and tens of thousands of unemployed Ph.Ds will get legally recruited into the government bureaucracy. Paid with food stamps and costly Medicaid benefits, they will replace featherbedding placeholders whose rule-loving idiocies hobble business innovation, and whose impossibly rich retirement benefits threaten to bankrupt the Treasury.

As Professor Hendrick Serrie has pointed out, this will not be slavery. Issues of ethnic origin or skin color will never become a consideration, as the unemployed happily perform their patriotic duty rebuilding the nation for the greater good of all.


The future

We need a return to the values of our founding fathers — virtue, courage, loyalty, fortitude and resolution. Reforming democracy through one dollar = one vote will transform America. Once again we will be the most exceptional nation, the shining city on the hill, defining a glorious future for all the other nations.

Greatness beckons us again — if we are courageous enough to seize it.

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  1. Dave Francis says:

    Everybody now should know the financial consequences of illegal immigration? Just remember that any amnesty this Presidents executive orders enacts is just another giant magnet to draw my foreigners here, looking for a better quality of life or here to scam the American taxpayer and public welfare programs. Whether it’s Obama’s Dream Act, Sanctuary cities, voter fraud, Chain Migration or just plain old illegal immigrants dodging agents at the border, just arriving in America, as an intentional overstay supposed visitor by plane or ferry. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano states it would be too costly to deport the underestimated 11 million illegal immigrant invaders? Nevertheless her agency stays tight-lipped about the rising hundred billion dollar figure, which is a forcibly extracted tax annually. There are very few issues that are not unrelated with these people who should never be here. However, it all goes back to the inattention of Democrats and Republicans who abused their oath of office, after the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform law. The policies composing of the passage of this bill was dismissed, which was to do with stricter control of business hiring and building a much sturdier fence.

    The Democrats refused to appropriate the money, so nothing was done? Now we have over 20 million aliens settled here illegally. But why even bother with any tough laws, when there is no real punishment? I am absolutely sure there was no intention from either party to stop cheap labor for Republicans, or illegal vote collections for the Democrats. If Obama wins a second term there is sure to be a comprehensive amnesty, with American taxpayers having even a larger chunk taken from the payroll check. And to be honest I am not even sure of the Republicans agenda, as that tends to flip-flop? But what I am sure about is the plan of the TEA PARTY if they can eject many Democrats and Republican incumbents and replace them. It’s already happening and by infiltrating the Republican Party can politically persist that the “LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT (E-VERIFY) and the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW” finds passage enacted.


    Both bills if passed can insure the removal of illegal aliens from the workplace and stop the smuggling of children into America, to gain citizenship, which has an astronomic financial payout by states. Every American voter has a chance to alter the direction of Americans future. Under Obama resurgence as President in November heads us towards Socialist Republic, that all of our nation will depend on government empowerment. The US counterpart of “freeloaders” who have no integrity would rather live of the rest of us. Judge for yourself by contacting the thousands of local TEA PARTY chapters, or read the conservative manifesto of fighting for our liberties as consigned to us by the founding fathers. The TEA PARTY DOT ORG has all the information you need to decide your vote in less than three months. You might also be concerned with Obama’s citizenship, for other than the irregularities in the birth record there are many questions that remain unanswered. As an individual, I have read some of these bewildering pieces of evidence that have stayed concealed until now. You too can study the facts at the above mentioned website and judge this odd situation.


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