Breasts get in way of Town Hall art placement

This is the painting not allowed in Town Hall

Sarasota artist Pat Kaufman had her painting denied for display in Longboat Key town hall this week, due to the nudity in the painting. Kaufman submitted her painting, ‘Circus #2, Word Slingers,’ to town hall last week, as a response to the town’s request that it was looking for work from local artists for its next exhibit in Commission chambers.


Assistant to the Town Manager Susan Phillips has stated that what is appropriate for art galleries or museums may not necessarily be appropriate for town hall, and that she would have heard about the nudity from some people.

Kaufman, however, does not feel that her painting depicts nudity, only a side-view of one breast, and that the figures in the painting are merely circus people and that even nudes can be done tastefully.

The artist rotation showcasing residents’ artwork in town hall began in 2002. Phillips has managed the free program that every two or three months showcases another group of paintings, sketches and photographs and that the policy has always been no nudity. The current displays include seascapes and still lifes.


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  1. Georgie McFarland says:

    Does it also mean that women who have had breast augmentation surgery are not welcome in Town Hall?

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