Golf — the four-hour fix

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I have been enjoying golf since I was 12 years old and swung my first golf club. I often look to the golf course for a bit of serenity and a jolt of “feel good.”

Golfers are a unique breed, because golf is a unique activity. Golf is self-regulating. When you play golf, there are no referees, umpires and such to guide your behavior. It teaches people who choose to play the game to be fair, honest and respectful both of themselves and their playing partners. Golfers tend not to cheat.

If you play golf and you wish to get yourself an infusion of “feel good,” go to any public golf course as a single and just ask the starter to pair you up with whoever has room for you in their group. The local public golf course is a place to enjoy meeting up with another guy or gal who is a lot like you. You will be welcomed by those you are paired with and, best of all, you know you share some common values.

A round of golf can last between four and five hours depending on how crowded the course is that day. For many, this is a negative. For me, however, it is a positive. Last week I was paired with two young men in their twenties who were techies for a computer software company. I learned a lot about techie stuff in four hours. I would never have met them outside the golf course. We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of golf; we made new acquaintances and learned new things.

I have played with my father, my children, your children and everyone else’s children. I have also played with you. A few years back I was playing in a major amateur golf tournament in the Carolinas. I was the oldest player in the field. On the first tee one of my playing partners, a college student, inquired if I were caddying for my grandson. He may have been embarrassed by his faux pas, but I was greatly flattered.

I have enjoyed a round of golf with my elders, with doctors, business owners, artists, writers, racecar drivers, professional athletes in every sport, war heroes, politicians, lawyers and every other occupation imaginable — along with some of which are not so imaginable. The experience is free and is a gift that just keeps giving.

There is no better way to meet people than to spend several hours with them on the golf course. Golfers know that almost everything you need to know about a person will be revealed during an 18-hole round of golf. There is a great joy with finishing a round of golf in good spirits and enjoying a lunch.

I am sure other activities have the same elements of shared values, civility and camaraderie. For me, however, golf is a sharing with like-minded people, and it is always played in a beautiful park. Golf has given me endless enjoyment since I was 12 years old.


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  1. Todd says:

    Great article – your comments are right on the point. In fact, the gold course is how we met many years ago.

    As someone once told me, “if you want to know the character of a person, play 18 holes with them”.

    Congrats on your recent Senior golf victory several weeks ago!

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