On Patrol – October 2011

Updated Nov. 11, 2011.

Oct. 31

Broken water pipe
6:30 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 6800 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location for a report of a broken water pipe. Upon my arrival I observed that a pipe appeared to have ruptured at the water meter box. Dispatch advised Public Works who responded, and upon their arrival someone had managed to turn the water off.

Car running, no driver
9:47 p.m. – Officer Nagell – Avenue of the Flowers – While conducting a business check of Town Plaza I observed a white 2000 Chevrolet van with Florida tags parked in a loading zone on the east side of the property. The vehicle had been in the same location earlier in the shift. The vehicle was running with the lights on and the driver side window open. A check of the area was negative for anyone in the area.

Dispatch eventually made contact with the owner who advised that he forgot to secure the vehicle. He advised dispatch to have me turn the vehicle off, and he would respond in the morning. I turned the vehicle off, left my card on the driver’s seat and placed the key on the floorboard.

Oct. 28

Noisy air unit
7:31 p.m. – Officer Fraser – 6700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – Caller did state to police that an air conditioning unit at the location was operating at a loud noise level. Police did arrive on scene and did not notice any louder than normal noises coming from the area. Police did proceed to caller’s location and was met by the caller. She proceeded to the rear of her property to let police hear the noise. Police did hear a faint hum from the area of Whitney Beach. Police did advised caller on town noise ordinances. No other action taken at this time.

Oct. 25

Boozed up brawl
3:10 p.m. – Officer Skinner – 600 block, Cedars Court – Officer Randy Thompson, Officer Doug Coffman and I responded to the report of a domestic disturbance. Officer Thompson arrived on scene and met with the victim and the witness. Officer Thompson advised via police radio that a battery had occurred and two white males were last seen running east on Companion Drive.

I circulated Companion Drive and observed the defendants near the 600 block where a boardwalk intersects. I observed both subjects were out of breath, sweating, and one of the subjects had blood on his arms, chest, legs and face. I advised the subjects to place their hands on my patrol vehicle, and they complied. I then separated subjects in a grassy area and allowed them a few minutes to compose themselves.

I asked Subject One what had happened and he explained that he and his brother gave their uncle and the witness a ride to Cedars from Lakeland, Fla., at about 12:30 p.m., Oct. 25. Subject One stated that his uncle provided them with beer during the night and they went to bed at about 5 a.m. He stated that this afternoon they all began drinking alcoholic beverages again. He stated that his uncle began badgering him and Subject Two. Subject One stated that Subject Two and his uncle began arguing while they were in the unit. Subject One stated that his uncle punched Subject Two on the mouth, and then Subject Two took his uncle to the ground. Subject One stated that the two continued to fight, and [Subject One] began breaking up the fight.

Subject One stated that he and Subject Two fled the area and they asked an unidentified man to call 9-1-1. I detected the odor of alcohol on Subject One’s breath and he did appear to be under the influence of alcohol.

I then met with Subject Two and he stated that he and Subject One drove his uncle and a fourth person to Longboat Key from Lakeland Oct. 25, 2011. Subject Two stated that on this afternoon they all began drinking again, and the uncle was providing beer and alcohol.

Subject Two stated they were at the tiki bar and the uncle dared him to go behind the bar and steal a shot. Subject Two stated that he did steal a shot from behind the bar, which caused the uncle to become angry. Subject Two stated that they returned to their unit, and he and the uncle began arguing. He stated that the uncle punched him on the mouth. He stated that he defended himself by taking the uncle to the ground and a struggle continued. He stated that during the struggle, the uncle bit his right thumb.

Subject Two stated that Subject One stopped the fight, and he and Subject One then fled the area. He stated that at the end of the boardwalk they asked an unknown person to call 9-1-1, which the person did.

In addition to Subject One and Two’s being related by blood, they have also resided together for approximately one month. I observed Subject Two did have a swollen, bloody upper lip, a cut on his right thumb and numerous abrasions on his knees and arms. I requested LBK Fire-Rescue to respond. I smelled alcohol on [Subject Two’s] breath and he did appear to be under the influence of alcohol.

LBKFD rescue had already met with the uncle and transported him to Blake Medical Center. I met with Officer Thompson and this investigation was discussed. Officer Thompson stated that the witness had completed a sworn written statement, and identified the two subjects as the aggressors in this incident. Based on the witness statements the two subjects attacked the uncle and punched him several times while he was on the ground. Officer Thompson stated that he had not had an opportunity to interview the uncle before he was transported to Blake.

Based on the witness’s statement and the fact that this was a Domestic Violence incident, I determined that Subject One and Two were to be placed under arrest for Battery Domestic Violence. Subject Two had been examined by LBKFD by this time and he was requesting to be transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital. He was placed in the ambulance, and at this time I advised him that he was under arrest and I handcuffed him with his left arm to the gurney.

I followed him to Manatee Memorial Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. Crime Scene Technician Richard Brey responded and photographed the subject’s injuries at approximately 5:45 p.m.

While at the hospital I examined a pair of khaki shorts that Subject Two was carrying when I first contacted him. Inside the shorts pockets I located a black wallet that contained $2 and credit cards in the name of the uncle. Subject Two stated that he had been wearing a similar pair of shorts this date, and he grabbed them by mistake. I kept the shorts and it was determined that I would return the property to the uncle at Blake Hospital.

After Subject Two was released from Manatee Memorial, I transported him to the Manatee County Jail. While at the jail I read the Miranda warning to him via a standard card, and he stated he understood his rights. I asked him if he would like to complete a written statement and he declined to comment further.

A completed PCA charging him with Battery Domestic Violence FSS 784.03(1a1) was submitted to Manatee County and custody was transferred. Officer Thompson placed Subject One under arrest for Battery Domestic Violence and prepared the arrest affidavit.

I then responded to Blake Medical Center to return the uncle’s property to him, but he had left that location. A nurse at Blake stated that he had requested his property be secured at LBKPD, which I did at a later time. Due to conflicting accounts, I am completing a Probable Cause Affidavit charging the uncle with Battery Domestic Violence against Subject Two as well.

Oct. 24

Water hazard
7:37 a.m. – Officer Coffman – 800 block, Marbury Lane – I responded in reference to a possible water hazard where a dock had fallen apart and was floating in the water. Upon arrival I located the dock in question on the south side of the residence. Most of the decking had come unsecured from the framework. Several pieces of decking had fallen into the canal and were becoming a navigation problem for boaters.

Officer Silverio responded by boat and was able to pull the decking out of the water so that the canal was clear. The loose decking was secured with a line to a piling in an attempt to keep the rest from floating into the canal. The entire dock was unsafe to walk on. I was able to rope off the entrance to the dock with yellow caution tape to warn anyone who might walk onto it.

The residence is vacant and has a Sothebys Real Estate sign in the front yard. I requested that dispatch call the listed Realtor and request that she contact the owner and have the dock either repaired or removed due to its dangerous condition. Dispatch left a message with the Realtor and received a phone call later in the morning that she was contacting the owner to let them know about the dock.

Illegal dumping
9:35 a.m. – Officer Skinner – 500 block, Bay Isles Road/Town Hall Complex – I responded to the location in reference to a report of illegal dumping. Upon my arrival I met with Longboat Key Public Works employee Doyle Walker. Walker explained that yard trash that was discovered dumped near the dumpster at Town Hall Oct. 10, 2011, and had been removed on Oct. 21, 2011. He stated that on this morning he discovered more yard trash had been dumped at the same location between Oct. 21 at approximately 5 p.m. and Oct. 24 at approximately 9 a.m.

I observed the yard trash was cuttings from trees and shrubs, and there was approximately one pick-up truckload. I observed approximately 30 yards away to the north freshly cut trees and shrubs that were consistent to the dumped material. This area is to the rear of 540 Neptune Ave., between units two and three, and borders Town Hall. I attempted to make contact at the location, but no one was home. I did make contact with a resident in the neighborhood, and he stated that he was unaware of this event and did not have any idea of who cut the trees or dumped the material.

LBKPD Geo Database reflects the management of 540 Neptune Ave. I attempted to contact the management by telephone but there was no answer, nor voicemail. The database lists the owners of the units in question. I was able to leave a voice message for two of the unit owners in question and left voice messages asking that they return my calls. In conclusion, the person responsible for dumping the yard trash has not been identified. Pending investigation includes follow-up with the mentioned owners and management.

Where’s the beach?
5:36 p.m. – Officer Skinner – 500 block, Sanctuary Drive – Officer Randy Thompson and I responded in reference to two suspicious white males walking through the property in the direction of the beach. Upon my arrival I met with the security guard at the Sanctuary. She advised that a resident at this location reported to her that there were two unknown white males on the property that were last seen walking toward the beach. She stated the description of the males is as follows: ages of 20s, one was wearing a blue shirt and the other was wearing a ball cap.

I walked to the Sanctuary beach access and observed two white males matching the description provided. I made contact with the subjects and they identified themselves. They stated that they wanted to go out onto the beach but they did not know where the public beach accesses were located. One stated that he parked on GMD near the BP gas station, and they walked to this location.

I advised them that they had trespassed by entering onto private property. They were checked for wants and warrants, which were negative. They also had valid driver’s licenses. I transported them back to their vehicle, and they were warned to not trespass on private property. I directed them to the public beach accesses. Officer Thompson and I contacted the security guard at the Sanctuary and advised her of the status of this incident. This concludes our involvement in this incident.

Oct. 23

Flat and towed
12:38 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 6000 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – While on patrol I observed a black 1994 Lexus with Florida tags with a driver’s side front tire flat. The vehicle was parked in the 6000 block of GMD. There was a handwritten note on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel advising that the vehicle would be removed in the morning. The vehicle remained there until day shift towed it due to the Longboat Key Triathlon beginning at 7 a.m.

Paper route raucous
6:16 a.m. – Officer Greathouse – 3000 block, Grand Bay Boulevard – I responded to the location in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival I made contact with the listed involved subject who stated that he and his girlfriend entered into a verbal disagreement and he decided to walk home. Officer Thompson arrived and further assisted as I then made contact with the complainant who had the same account of what had occurred, a verbal disagreement. Both the complainant and the involved subject stated there was no physical contact between the two, nor was there evidence of such. The two apologized for calling the police and stated that it was a “silly argument.” The two were warned against having any type of physical violence and both stated that they understood. They were both working a paper route at the time of the disagreement and agreed to finish the route together without further incident.

8:23 a.m. – Officer Morningstar – 300 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location for a property damage/vandalism complaint. I arrived on location and met with the complainant who is the security guard at the front gate. The complainant stated that a resident of the complex informed him that unknown person(s) broke the lights from the PVC mounts sometime during the night. Security is on site until 11 p.m. and returns at 7 a.m. There are no suspects at this time.

Whose bones?
11:49 a.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 5400 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I met with the complainant at the LBKPD in reference to her finding an assortment of small animal bones along the beach area in front of her residence. She was concerned of the origin of the bones. I advised the complainant that animal parts are frequently utilized in crab traps throughout the year. I then took possession of the small bones and entered them into LBKPD Property for later analysis by Forensic Technician Specialist Richard Brey. This concluded my involvement in this case at the present time.

Oct. 22

Raccoon hunting?
2:37 p.m. – Broadway/Poinsetta Avenue – I responded to the area regarding a barking dog. The complainant stated that the dog could be heard blocks away and gave us a general area where it may be. I located the dog in the 6900 block of Lois Avenue in the Village. Contact with the tenant/renter was made, and he took the dog inside to solve the issue. Apparently the dog must have seen a raccoon in the tree causing it to bark. Nothing further.

Frisbee play
8:58 a.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 5500 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I encountered a white male playing Frisbee with his dog unleashed in Durante Park. I advised the subject about the town code regulating the necessity of a leash for dogs. He stated that he understood and then left the park area. Unknown subject was given a verbal warning.

Roadmaster robbery
12:58 p.m. – Officer Greathouse – 3700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – The complainant advised that sometime between 7 p.m., Oct. 21 and 8:30 a.m., Oct. 22 he noticed his bicycle, a red Roadmaster, 20-speed, 26-inch mountain bike, was missing. He last saw the bicycle the previous night while cooking out on his grill. The bicycle was stored near the grill at his residence. He has no further information, suspects or witnesses, but wanted a report generated. The complainant was given a card and advised of the case number. The information will be passed to the other squads as well as the detective.

Text tryst?
5 p.m. – Officer Greathouse – 4000 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – The complainant reported that someone was texting her that she did not know and wanted to report it. She was asked to write a sworn statement detailing the events of her complaint. Upon reviewing the text messages, it appeared that the complainant was engaging in mutual communication with the other party. She gave the other party her phone number on the text and verified her first and last name with the other party. When advising her that she should have called the police first and not engaged in communication with a stranger, the complainant became upset and stated she no longer wanted a report. I offered the complainant numerous opportunities to have a report taken of her complaint and each time she adamantly declined. The other party is unknown and was texting her from a Texas number.

Shell yard damage
6:22 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 600 block, Fox Street – The complainant advised that sometime between Thursday Oct. 20 and 11 p.m., Friday, Oct. 21, person(s) unknown drove an unknown vehicle on the shell-covered yard of the complainant. He believes it to have been contracted painters from the neighboring home, however he was not present when the incident occurred. There is minimal damage of less than $200. Complainant requested a written report to document the incident.

Bridge Street brawl
9:30 p.m. – Officer Nagell – Off the Key/Bradenton Beach – Officer Martin, Capt. Quarmby and myself responded to the 200 block of Bridge Street on Bradenton Beach for a fight in progress. Upon my arrival I stood by with MSO and HBPD keeping the subjects separated. Two subjects were taken into custody by Bradenton Beach. We were then cleared and returned to the key.

Oct. 21

Boat repo
10:19 a.m. – Officer Sharp III – 500 block, Dream Island Road – On this date I received a call from Bill Alvarez of Southwest Recovery advising he was repossessing a vessel from the owner at the Grand Mariner docks. He stated the owner was not present. The vessel, a 35-foot 1992 Beneteau with Florida registration was repossessed without incident.

Hand gestures
3:17 p.m. – Officer Greathouse – 600 block, Emerald Harbor Drive – The complainant advised that the involved listed person signaled to him with a hand gesture in an attempt to have a discussion. The complainant advised there is an ongoing dispute with the subject, and the two were advised by police that it would be best if they have no further contact with each other. The complainant stated that no words were exchanged, but he requested that the incident be documented. After speaking with the person who gestured concerning the incident, he stated that the complainant owns the lawn on the neighboring yard and always blows leaves and debris into his yard. The two were in agreement to discontinue contact with each other and advised that a case report would be generated.

Caddy repo
4:15 p.m. – Officer Sharp III – 1100 block, Bogey Lane – On this date I received a call from Matt Null of Southwest Recovery advising of a repossession of a 2010 black Cadillac with Florida tags from the location. He stated the owner had come out of the house and said she was calling the police.

Oct. 20

Streetlight KO
8:28 a.m. – Officer Coffman – Gulf of Mexico Drive/Schooner Lane – I responded to the area in reference to a damaged street light owned by the town. Upon arrival I met with Public Works employee Mike Ball, who stated that he was doing his normal inspection of streetlights and noticed the light on the south side of Schooner Lane and GMD had been damaged by an unknown vehicle.

I observed what appeared to be a tire track from a heavy vehicle in the direction of the light post and an area of soil around the light post that appeared to have been dug up recently. Public Works employees were unaware of any work being done in the area of the light post. It appeared that an unknown vehicle had backed into the light post while someone was digging in the area. Approximate replacement value of the light post is $300-$400.

Fire on the grill
10:12 a.m. – Officer Coffman – 3000 block, Harbourside Drive – I responded to the kitchen of the location in reference to a possible fire. Upon arrival I made contact with the fire chief, who told me there had been a small fire on top of a stove and had been extinguished. There were no injuries and damage was very minimal.

Oct. 19

Where was I?
12:35 a.m. – Officer Nagell – 4200 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location for a missing person report. The complainant advised she had last seen her husband around 10 p.m., and when she awoke both he and the car were gone.

She advised that he gets easily confused and has not driven in some time. While getting information for a missing persons BOLO, the subject arrived in the listed vehicle. He denied any need for medical attention and was unsure where he had been or why. A check for the vehicle was negative for any obvious recent damage. I advised the caller to place the keys out of the way to prevent another incident.

Disoriented dad
1:25 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 4900 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – While on patrol I observed in the 5500 block of GMD a silver Ford F-150 four-door truck with a New Hampshire tag, as well as a silver homemade trailer with a New Hampshire tag and a white 1987 South Seas vessel with a Florida tag. The driver advised that he was fine and needed no assistance. Approximately one hour later the same vehicles were in the 4900 block on the side of the road.

I made contact with the driver who appeared to be somewhat disoriented. In speaking with him I obtained permission to use his phone and made contact with his son. His son advised that he had no pressing medical conditions and was normally in bed at 6 p.m. I advised the driver to park the vehicle for the night and get some rest before heading to his destination of Punta Gorda. A computer check revealed no wants or warrants. I escorted the subject and his vehicles to a parking lot for the remainder of the night.

Apple snappled
2:33 p.m. – Officer Thompson – 6700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – Upon my arrival I met with the victim. He advised his new Apple laptop is missing from his trip down for the season. He last observed the laptop hidden between clothes in a laundry basket in his van Monday evening, Oct. 17, when he stayed overnight at a Comfort Inn in Fayetteville, N.C. He advised he left it in his van and secured it overnight. He traveled to Florida Oct. 18 and unpacked the van this morning, Oct. 19. He can’t find the laptop now. His van does not show any signs of forced entry.

He advised that he has called the Comfort Inn and they do not have the laptop. Operator Chrisman was able to enter the laptop as missing into the FCIC/NCIC this date. No further action taken.

Oct. 16

Violation or departmental delay?
1:36 p.m. – Officer Thompson – 500 block, Dream Island Road – While on patrol I met with Amanda, a code enforcement officer for the town of Longboat Key. She asked if I had observed any open house signs or people in the Grand Mariner in the 500 block of Dream Island Road. I advised her that I had in fact observed both signs and people entering the building. She advised that there was not a certificate of occupancy. They then asked for her card and we left.

At 1:36 p.m. I was driving through and observed more signs out for an open house at the Grand Mariner. I spoke to the Realtor and he advised that seven units have a certificate of occupancy. He also mentioned that he had attempted numerous times this week to contact Heidi Micale for sign permits but was unsuccessful. He asked if I was shutting down? I stated, “No.” I went on to explain that there was no way for me to verify if there was a violation at this time. We continued to talk until a perspective buyer approached. I excused myself and left. No action was taken.

Oct. 15

Keyed on or off key?
5:22 p.m. – Officer Thompson – 1600 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive/Colony Beach & Tennis Resort – Upon my arrival I met with Dr. Klauber, who advised that person(s) unknown scratched the right side of his car. The damage is estimated at $1,000. The incident happened between 9 p.m., Oct. 14 and 5 p.m., Oct. 15, either at the Colony or in Sarasota. It appears that the vehicle was keyed. No other physical evidence was observed. No further action taken. Dr. Klauber requested extra patrol for his residence.

Anonymously offended
10:09 p.m. – Officer Morningstar – 5800 Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location in reference to a loud music complaint at approximately 9:15 p.m. this date. Writer, at the time, advised the homeowner of the noise violation. The owner agreed to turn down the volume and advised the live band would be shutting down at about 10 p.m.

Writer responded again at 10:09 p.m. this date for the same violation, this time the owner was asked to turn off the music and was advised that failure to do would result in a citation for the violation. The owner complied and the band started taking down equipment. The original caller for both incidents wished to remain anonymous and did not want to be contacted.

Oct. 14

Spill and run
6:42 a.m. – Officer Thompson – 2100 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – The witness observed a pick-up truck leave Villa Di Lancia and drop items out of the truck bed. He stopped behind the man, who was later identified as an employee of a pool service company in Sarasota. He apparently left the property and forgot to raise the truck’s tailgate, which resulted in pool supplies falling into the roadway. He did stop and attempt to clean up the pool service supplies; however, a gallon of muriatic acid and an unknown amount of liquid chlorine spilled in the roadway. He then left southbound on Gulf of Mexico Drive without reporting the spill.

Longboat Key Fire-Rescue responded and hosed off the roadway. The small amount of contaminates were washed into the grass shoulder of the roadway. A written statement was obtained from the witness. Information on the pool service was obtained from security at Villa Di Lancia. I made contact with the owner of the pool service company and she provided writer with the driver’s information. There does not appear to be visible damage to the roadway.

Writer then made contact with the Department of Environmental Protection and reported the incident to its dispatch. No further action taken at this time.

Oct. 13

Tennis racquets, anyone?
11:40 a.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – Longboat Key Tennis Center/500 block, Bay Isles Road – I located two Wilson tennis racquets in a brown case on the benches at the Longboat Key Tennis Center. There were no persons present due to recent heavy rains. I took possession of the racquets and turned them in to an attendant working at the main tennis center at 590 Bay Isles Parkway.

At approximately 11:55 a.m., I met with a subject who was looking for the racquets. She advised that she had forgotten them. I instructed her that the racquets were at the main tennis center.

Unknown car in driveway
1:41 p.m. – Officer Cumming – 700 block, Penfield Street – The complainant contacted dispatch requesting an officer investigate a suspicious vehicle parked in his driveway. Earlier in the day the complainant was contacted by his property manager for the residence on Penfield, as the complainant is currently in New York.

His property manager sent him a picture of a vehicle, which he does not recognize. Upon arrival I observed a red Toyota SUV parked in the driveway. The residence was found to be vacant and unfurnished with all windows and doors secure. Officer Bourdeaux canvassed the neighborhood with negative results. Attempts to establish a contact number for the registered owner were unsuccessful. The complainant requested the LBKPD watch the house over the coming weekend, and if the vehicle hasn’t moved by late Saturday he would like to be contacted. An email was sent to all officers and Capt. Tokajir concerning this case.

Uneasy solicitation
6:24 p.m. – Officer Martin – 500 block, De Narvaez Drive – I responded to the area regarding a subject soliciting. The initial call was on Juan Anasco Drive, and the subject was located on De Narvaez Drive soliciting at a residence. He was advertising car-detailing services. He had some materials supporting his business venture. A gray 1995 Buick sedan four-door with Florida tags was driven by his brother, and it was waiting on De Narvaez Drive for him to come back to the car. The subject told me that the driver was his brother and that the vehicle belonged to his mother. He acted nervous after being stopped, and when the conversation came up about searching the vehicle he became hesitant. The driver had already given permission to look through the car.

A search of the vehicle was done and nothing of interest was located. It contained a lot of car cleaning products and a shop vacuum. Both subjects have a criminal background. They were advised that soliciting is illegal on the key without a permit. They checked clear and subsequently left the key going north toward Bradenton.

Oct. 12

Potential water violation reported
7:42 a.m. – Officer Greathouse – 5800 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – The complainant walked into the Longboat Key Police Department and spoke with Dispatcher John Sharp concerning a possible water violation. She did not know the address and described the location as across from (west of) 5888 GMD and having a shell in front. The complainant did not want to wait for an officer and left after providing the information. A check of the area revealed that there were no watering violations across from 5888 GMD, which would be either 5871 or 5881 GMD. Dispatch made contact with the complainant and advised her to call at the time she observes the watering violation and an officer would respond to check the area.

Attempting to serve
5:18 p.m.  – Officer Greathouse – 700 block, Marbury Lane – The complainant and process server found a set of keys in the driveway of a home that he was attempting to serve. The neighbor advised that the owner would be home soon, and he would advise him that the keys are at the Longboat Key Police Department. A note was left on the garage door, the keys were left in the key box near dispatch and the night shift was notified of action taken.

Beach access for members only?
6:53 p.m. – Officer Marin – 5700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I met the complainant. She stated that she had stopped on the roadway and allowed several males to cross to the beach access. The access is for Spanish Main residents only and is posted. Officer Nagell and myself went out on the beach and made contact with the subjects matching the description. One of the subjects works at a local corner store. He and some friends, one of whom is staying at Spanish Main on vacation, came out to see the sunset with some friends. There were no observed violations.

Oct. 9

Tree fire?
6:15 p.m. – Officer Greathouse – 4200 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location for a report of a tree fire. Upon arrival I assisted Officer Martin and LBK Fire-Rescue in locating the reported fire. After searching the area it was determined that there was no fire. Due to high winds the caller most likely observed a tree branch that caused arcing on a nearby electrical line. Extra patrols were conducted in the area to continue monitoring for possible arcing or fire. No other reports of arcing or fire were received or observed.

No power tools on Sunday
1:03 p.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 600 block, Buttonwood Drive – I responded to the location in reference to a report that the homeowner there was utilizing power tools in violation of town codes regulating sounds on Sundays. Upon my arrival I observed the subject using a circular saw next to his garage. I contacted the subject and made him aware that utilizing power tools outside on Sunday was prohibited. He was cooperative and advised that he would comply and subsequently put the circular saw away.

Palm frond sparks attention
1:21 p.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 7200 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the area in reference to a possible fire started by tree branches striking nearby power lines. Upon my arrival, Longboat Key Fire-Rescue Department was present at the scene and advised that there was no fire started as a result of the incident. It appears that a palm frond struck a power line and tripped the breaker at a nearby transformer station.

I observed nothing of a hazardous nature that required immediate attention. Florida Power & Light indicated that they would have power service restored in this area by 3:30 p.m.

Suspicious chatter
10:26 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 4700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I observed a gray 2007 Chevrolet with a North Carolina tag parked on a private property known to be closed. I made contact with the driver and involved subject who related that they were just sitting and talking. A check of the vehicle registration showed it was expired. I gave the driver a verbal warning for the expired tag and advised them to move to an open beach access. A wants and warrants check was negative, and both subjects left the area without incident.

Oct. 8

Elevator rescue
3 p.m. – Officer Gonzales – 200 block, Sands Point Road – I responded to the location in reference to a rescue call. I arrived on scene with LBK Fire-Rescue and found an unknown number of occupants were stuck in the No. 2 elevator between the first and second floors. I assisted Fire-Rescue with extracting three guests from the elevator. The guests were all in good health with no complications.

Docking in storm
3:39 p.m. – Officer Gonzales – 600 block, Halyard Lane – I responded to the location in reference to a boat/miscellaneous call. Upon arrival I met with caller, who informed me that he had tied his boat to a vacant boat dock at the location temporarily due to the severe incoming weather. He was afraid that if his vessel got loose due to its size and weight, it would cause damage to other boats on the canal. I informed him that I would pass this on to the other shifts.

Backroom noise
6:33 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 5600 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location for a complaint of suspicious circumstance. The caller advised that there was no one in the store (Harry’s) and he heard strange noises coming from the back room. Upon my arrival I made contact with the clerk working. He advised everything was fine, and he did not hear anyone enter the store.

Arcing wires
7:50 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 3700 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – Officer Martin and I responded to the location for a report of arcing wires. Upon arrival we stood by with the LBK Fire-Rescue Department for traffic control as Florida Power & Light responded to disconnect power to the home. Upon closer inspection of the home it appeared to have been burnt by heated wiring and arcing. Florida Power & Light arrived, and we were released by Fire-Rescue.

Downed lines
9:20 p.m. – Officer Thomas – Emerald Harbor Drive/Old Compass Road – Writer responded to the listed area in response to a complaint received regarding downed power lines. Writer located the downed power lines and secured the area. Florida Power & Light personnel responded and took charge of the scene, securing the downed lines.

Red light out
10:38 p.m. – Officer Nagell – New Pass Draw Bridge – While securing Overlook Park a citizen advised that the traffic lights for New Pass Draw Bridge were red. I assisted Sarasota Police Department with traffic control until FDOT bridge maintenance arrived to repair the lights.

Oct. 7

Fishfinder lost
3:19 p.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 3800 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I met with the caller at his Florida residence in reference to a Garmin Fishfinder being taken from the residence. He and his wife are seasonal residents and returned Oct. 3. The caller advised that his daughter was the last to utilize the device sometime in mid-June when she was visiting. When the residents returned in late September, she noticed that the Fishfinder was missing. The device had been placed in the top dresser drawer in the utility area of the residence. The caller checked with Cannons Marina, where their boat is stored, and they advised that the Fishfinder was not in the boat.

There were no signs of forced entry into the residence and no other items were missing or disturbed. Caller stated that only a longtime caretaker and Terminex Pest Control had access to the residence during their seasonal absence, but did not suspect either of the theft of the Garmin. The total replacement cost for the Fishfinder is $439.87. Caller was provided a case number and advised to contact LBKPD if they should locate the Garmin at a later time. The invoice for the device from Cannons Marina is attached to the report.

Aggressive operation?
6:45 p.m. – Officer Nagell – 500 block, Putter Lane – I responded to the location for a concerned citizen reporting aggressive vessel operation. Upon my arrival I was directed to the rear of the property to observe two personal watercrafts located on a sandbar behind Harbour Sound. The complainant advised that just prior to calling the two personal watercrafts were traveling in the canals at a high rate of speed. It appears as though the craft were grounded on the sand bar. I observed them for several minutes, as they were able to get underway again. I did not observe any violations and made brief contact with the adult male on one of the craft. He advised that everything was OK.

Escort service
11:54 p.m. – Officer Thomas – 500 block, Bay Isles Road – Writer was on patrol when I observed a 2003 Lexus convertible parked in the parking lot of Temple Beth Israel. Writer observed the vehicles owner/driver and a male beside her. Upon contact with both people, writer learned that they had come out of the temple to find that their vehicle would not start. Writer offered to attempt to start the vehicle, and the driver provided me with the keys. The vehicle was started and the vehicle’s owner/driver asked me to follow her home to ensure she and the vehicle made it without any further problems. Writer agreed to this and followed the vehicle to the owner’s residence. Writer ensured the driver was safely in her residence’s garage and departed.

Oct. 6

Early bird catches warning
7:19 a.m. – Officer Coffman – 700 block, Hide Away Bay Drive – I responded to the location in reference to a Code Enforcement Violation. Upon arrival I made contact with the subject who stated that he works for TruGreen Chem Lawn. I informed him of the town ordinance against working before 8 a.m. He said this is not his usual route and he was unaware of the violation. He said he would wait until the proper time in the future and that he was currently finished at this residence and was ready to leave.

Expired times two
2:05 p.m. – Officer Skinner – 1000 block, Bogey Lane – I was running random checks on vehicles northbound in the 200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive. I ran a Florida tag trailer, which came back as the registered owner having a suspended Florida driver’s license. The registered owner had a seize tag order if he was the driver/operator.

I initiated a traffic stop in the 1000 block of Bogey Lane on the trailer, which was being towed by a red Ford truck. The tag is registered to a different owner than the trailer, however that owner also has a suspended/cancelled Florida driver’s license.

Upon contacting the driver she identified herself as the owner of the truck. She admitted she did not have a valid driver’s license when I requested to see hers. Also present in the right front passenger seat was the owner of the attached trailer. However there was not a seize tag order if the woman was driving.

Both subjects were checked in NCIC/FCIC for warrants, and they were clear. I issued the driver of the truck a criminal citation for Driving While License Cancelled/With Knowledge and a scheduled court date of Oct. 26 in Sarasota. She contacted a licensed driver to respond for the vehicle. The vehicle was left parked at this location while the subjects began their contracted lawn maintenance in the area.

Oct. 5

Electrical fire in the meat department
4:26 p.m. – Officer Thompson – 500 block, Bay Isles Road – I responded to a reported structure fire at Publix. Upon my arrival the small electrical fire in the meat department was out. Longboat Key Fire-Rescue shut that circuit breaker off, and the store was able to reopen shortly after. There was no major damage.

Oct. 4

Late parking
1:49 a.m. – Officer Quarmby – 700 block, Linley Street – A green 1993 GM Sport Utility truck occupied by a mother and her infant son was spotted after hours at the Linley Street boat ramp. She and two males were fishing from the Mar Vista dock. She stated that one of the males had permission from the Mar Vista caretaker to fish there. Subjects were advised to legally park the vehicle. Wanted checks negative, valid driver’s license.

Oct. 3

Siphoned gas
8:20 a.m. – Officer Cumming – 5600 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I contacted the complainant regarding a theft. Sometime after 5 p.m., Friday Sept. 30 and before Monday Oct. 3 an unknown person(s) siphoned about 15 gallons of gasoline from a red GMC Valley Crest work truck. The truck was parked to the east of the primary business parking area out of direct view from the business. In the future the caller will park company trucks in the paved section of the business parking lot in open view. She has no suspects in this case, no further action taken at this time.

Florida tag found
8:43 a.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 500 block, Schooner Lane – I met with a resident in reference to her locating a Florida tag in the neighborhood. The tag belonged to a nearby resident. I attempted to contact the resident but was unable to do so by phone or in person. I placed the tag into the Longboat Key Police Department property. A message was left on an answering machine for the resident indicating the found tag.

Cigarette fire
2:59 p.m. – Officer Bourdeaux – 200 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I responded to the location in reference to a fire on the wood deck in front of the business. Upon arrival the fire had already been extinguished by employees. I observed that a small portion of the deck had been burnt. An employee advised the fire was possibly started by a discarded cigarette. No one observed who left the cigarette on the deck. She stated that employees of the business poured water on the small fire, which completely extinguished it. Lt. Mark Fultz of the Longboat Key Fire-Rescue Department confirmed that the fire was no longer a threat.

Paint sprayed on vehicle
4:21 p.m. – Officer Gonzales – 5400 block, Gulf of Mexico Drive – I met with the complainant who stated she was driving northbound on GMD when a truck in front of her pulled off to the side of the road to avoid a paint can that had been dropped and spilled over the right lane of the roadway. The complainant stated that she could not avoid the paint and drove through the spill. The complainant stated that she pulled over and observed the paint on her vehicle tires and underneath her vehicle. The complainant drove to the LBKPD to report the incident.

Dispatch notified Public Works of the spill and I drove out to the location. I made contact with the management of Whitehead Construction Company who was responsible for the spill. I spoke with the business manager who said the company would be willing to work with the complainant. She said to have the complainant obtain two estimates and bring them to their office. The complainant agreed to get the estimates and have the company pay for the restoration. I gave the complainant a business card with a case number for a copy of the report.

Oct. 2

9:48 a.m. – Officer Coffman – 700 block, Marbury Lane – I responded along with the Longboat Key Fire-Rescue Department to the above location in reference to a small brush fire. Upon arrival the Fire Department located a small fire in a flowerbed on the west side of the residence that had possibly been started by a cigarette butt being thrown in the mulch. The fire was extinguished quickly, and there was no damage to plants or the residence.

Regulations stated
4:55 a.m. – Officer Fraser – Off the Key/Longboat Pass Bridge – The Longboat Key Pass Bridge Tender did ask police to inform fishermen on the bridge span of the regulations on fishing from the bridge.

Oct. 1

Restaurant unlocked
12:36 a.m. – Officer Bourque – Mar Vista unlocked and open. I checked the inside of the business and found no signs of foul play. Dispatch contacted a key holder who said they would respond. I waited until I got another call and had to clear. I checked back later and the door was still unlocked. I was not able to lock the door.

Suspicious walkers
12:37 a.m. – Officer Bourque – 5600 Gulf of Mexico Drive – On the listed date and time I received a call that two unknown people were walking around Harry’s. I checked the area, but found no suspects. I checked the doors to all of Harry’s buildings and found no signs of foul play. I checked the adjacent buildings including 520 Gulf of Mexico Drive and found no signs of foul play. Officer Fraser and I patrolled the area and never found any subjects.

Twice in one night
1:54 a.m. – Officer Bourque – 700 block, Spanish Drive North – I received a call for a suspicious, older-model blue van driving around Spanish Main. The caller said it was there at about 12:30 a.m. and was back at the time of this call. I was on scene within two minutes but was not able to locate the van. Officer Fraser and I checked the entire area including other zone one neighborhoods. We did not locate the van.

License suspended
10:35 a.m. – Officer Skinner – Broadway/Bayside Drive – I observed a 2002 white Buick four-door vehicle parked within the designated no parking zone at the intersection of Broadway Drive and Bayside Drive. An FICI/NCIC check of the vehicle’s tag revealed that the registered owner’s Florida driver’s license was suspended.

She was returning from the town fishing pier with her son and she advised that she had stopped her vehicle at this location temporarily to unload their equipment. She had no one else with her of age to drive, and she stated that she had driven the vehicle to this location. She stated her license was suspended due to an error by her insurance company, and her attorney was working to resolve the problem. I advised her that she cannot operate the vehicle until her license is reinstated and requested that she have a licensed driver respond.

She did have a friend with a valid driver’s license respond, and he did remove the vehicle. I did not witness her operating the vehicle, therefore I did not charge her with Driving While License Suspended or Revoked. I verbally warned her about the parking violation. I did confiscate her Florida driver’s license, which will be submitted to Longboat Key Police Department for destruction.

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