Commissioner raises church parking concerns

Commissioner Jack Duncan expressed concern again about the prospect of cars littering Gulf of Mexico Drive and surrounding roadways once the new Christ Church of Longboat Key opens along Gulf of Mexico Drive and General Harris Drive.

“How we are going to fit cars in there is a real concern. There is limited number of parking at the church and it could be a real problem, a safety hazard. We need to increase signs and postings for no parking,” said Duncan.

Police Chief Al Hogle took the podium and told commissioners his plan of action. He spoke with church officials, and they have committed to hiring off-duty officers to make sure orderly parking is maintained, especially during the first new services as the situation acclimates.

Hogle also said the tentative plan is to have officers place temporary plastic ‘no trespassing’ signs that they keep in the trunk of their squad cars. Hogle said being placed in a temporary measure by the police allows immediate signage without any constraints from the sign code. Duncan said he was satisfied with the plan.

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3 Responses for “Commissioner raises church parking concerns”

  1. John Wild says:

    Interesting comment “If the church purchases….” Why not “If the Town purchases the adjacent property to its Public Works facility”. The reason is clear – the owner of that property sought a price greater than the value of their land to the church, and probably to the town. Rather delicious irony here – that abutting property separates church and state.

    How about having the cell phone tower companies buy the land, deed it to the church or town (since towers can only be built on church or public land), and then really get Mr. Jaleski inflamed. I love these tempests in a teapot – why don’t folks wait and see if there really will be a problem before they speak out against things. People didn’t want the Ringling Bridge – today they admire its beauty as well as function.

  2. Gene Jaleski says:

    If the church purchases the abutting property to the east and constructs an on-property access road to the additional parking that would solve what was always inadequate parking at the site. Why should all the residents in the vicinity be penalized for the failures of their town government to protect their interests in the first place?

  3. Gene Jaleski says:

    Why are we continually having to have “I coulda had a V-8” experiences as the result of actions and decisions by our town government including the town commission?

    Parking concerns were raised by the Sleepy Lagoon residents association well before the commission and the P&Z allowed an inappropriate structure to be located in a residential neighborhood on an inadequate parcel of land. Now the local residents are being forced to accept a diminished lifestyle because of ill-informed decision-making by the commission.

    Having the “good-old-boys” run the town does not necessarily equate to good governance.

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