Michael Saunders & Co. launches new mobile Web site

Michael Saunders & Co. launched this week its new mobile web site, making it easier and more efficient for buyers to actively search for properties while on the go.

People arriving at michaelsaunders.com using the latest generation of hand-held mobile devices — iPhones, Androids, Blackberries or almost any other current make or model of a web-enabled phone — will now land on a mobile-enhanced site that allows users to search for properties anywhere at any time. No downloads are necessary to begin using the mobile site and access is free.

The mobile site features any property in Southwest Florida listed on the MLS. The site claims to be user-friendly and is free of advertising. Buyers can search for properties anywhere or zero-in on properties nearest to them. They can also find open houses by neighborhood and location, as well as save properties of interest for future reference.

“It’s no secret that mobile Internet usage is growing,” said company founder and CEO Michael Saunders in announcing the new service.  “But what you may not be aware of is the breathtaking speed at which this is occurring.  Within 18 months, more people will access the Internet through hand-held mobile devices than more traditional desktop or laptop computers.  That’s a massive shift in how buyers search for properties, and why we are proud to offer this new technology tool as yet another service to our buyers and sellers.”

Michael Saunders & Company partnered with 1000 Watt Consulting, the California-based interactive marketing communications and design agency, to create the site. 1000 Watt Consulting was also instrumental in creating the new michaelsaunders.com, which debuted in August last year. Also partnering in the creation of the new mobile Web site was Aumnia, a mobile web companies also headquartered in California.

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