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Kudos to Mayor George Spoll and Commissioner Hal Lenobel for having the dignity and respect for their positions to cast the only two votes on the Town Commission for maintaining the custom of our legislators wearing jackets and ties at commission meetings. Dressing like a hobo diminishes the self-respect and stature of our five other commissioners for voting not to dress more like legislators. You never see congressmen dress without wearing jackets and ties. Why can’t our commissioners show the same respect for their position and their electorate?

The new Sign Code presented to the commission is without reason or necessity. Our town has survived many years without a change in the sign code. Violations in the existing code are few and, in addition, prosecution of violations is unlikely because of the shortage of code enforcement personnel. The proposed sign code is rampant with description and detail so much so that it, too, will defy enforcement.

Finally, the Vision Plan for Longboat Key. Proposed are more than 20 pages of gobbledygook, signifying nothing. When will the majority of commissioners (Brenner, Younger, Larson) realize that Longboat Key residents don’t want to be Miamified? We are a bedroom community with no need for multitudes of tourists, traffic gridlock, failing businesses and more motels. We have CVS, Publix, a fine hardware, 16 restaurants, a liquor store and a few other retail establishments. That’s all we need and that’s all that will succeed here on the key. Stop trying to change to that which is unmanageable.

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  1. William Kary says:

    You are giving Congress way to much credit for wearing jackets and ties or shall I say you are judging the books by their covers. There is one Congressman near and dear to Sarasota who created and caused significant financial turmoil in Michigan, walked away and is now near and dear to Sarasota. Nothing more than a wolf dressed as a sheep.

    On another note, the paycheck and benefits in Congress receives is significantly better than our Commissioners.

    In addition, you fail to note the one and only gas station, lack of a 7-Eleven, and a struggling business environment during the off season months. As for a “bedroom community with no needs for multitudes of tourists” you are so wrong. Without the tourists there will be failing businesses, but certainly the lack of gridlock we all face 3 months of the year. If an extra 10 minutes added to your off Island experience constitues gridlock then there is really nothing more to say.l

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