Longboat Key Towers leaves IPOC

Longboat Key Towers

Longboat Key Towers is now the second condominium organization to leave Islandside Property Owners Coalition LLC (IPOC). The Pierre, back in July, was the first condominium association to leave IPOC.

The chairman of Longboat Key Towers sent a letter to IPOC announcing the decision last month. The move leaves IPOC, which is opposing the Longboat Key Club and Resort’s Islandside renovation and expansion project with two legal challenges and a code amendment challenge, with four managing members.

According to the letter from Longboat Key Towers, the reason for leaving IPOC is primarily a liability concern. IPOC is currently challenging in court the Town Commission’s decision to grant the Longboat Key Club its renovation plan. The liability concern is due to the homeowners association’s responsibility to use the condominium owner’s fees for maintenance and repair of the condominiums and not to use the money for the funding of lawsuits.

IPOC President Bob White maintains that liability issues should not be a concern with the limited-liability corporation, and that the letter does not officially request White to remove Longboat Key Towers as a member, although they are allowed to withdraw as members at any time. IPOC attorney Michael Furen assures White that liability should not be a concern, as it would only be liable if the judge ruled it as a frivolous lawsuit.

IPOC still has four remaining members, which include Lighthouse Point, L’Ambiance, The Sanctuary and Beaches.

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