Save our seabirds stands by for oil spill

British Petroleum, BP, has notified Lee Fox, Executive Director of Save Our Seabirds of Sarasota, Florida, to be on standby to coordinate the Oiled Wildlife Response Team for the Florida Gulf Coast. Lee Fox authored the “Oiled Wildlife Preparedness Program” manual, which was used in the Tampa Bay oil spill in August 1993 where she organized the response team. This program has been used in Brazil, Holland, and the United States for other oil spills.

If the oil spill moves toward the Florida coast, she will coordinate the rescue mission. The rescue team if called upon will seek out wildlife affected by the oil. The birds will be brought in, cleaned up, and cared for until they can be released to a facility or back to the wild.

Donations of paper towels, electrical extension cords, Dawn soap liquid, towels, sheets and old t-shirts will be urgently needed if the rescue team is called. Lee Fox is presently preparing equipment in order to be ready on 24 hours notice. All donations can be sent to Save Our Seabirds, 1700 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, or call 388-3010 or visit www.saveourseabirds.org.

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  1. Betty Woods says:

    I would like to volunteer to help wash birds if needed. phone 923 5153

  2. Betty Woods says:

    Would be available to help wash the birds

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