Video: The arrest that led to Longboat Officer Jessica Anderson’s termination

This is the actual video of Longboat Key Police Officer Jessica Anderson who was terminated for an unlawful arrest she made on June 14, 2009, on Longboat Key.

A man was asked to move a car parked in the Gulf of Mexico Drive right-of-way, and according to the police report, several people at the residence had been notified in the past that the car was illegally parked in the right-of-way. It was determined by internal investigation that Anderson violated the subject’s rights by conducting an unjustified arrest that she performed on the subject who failed to produce identification. Anderson is appealing her termination, claiming that other officers in the department violated regulations and were not terminated.

Another officer, Patricia Beardsley, was also fired after she set off a firestorm for the Longboat Key Police Department last year. Beardsley was fired for brandishing a firearm on a mother and children. The Beardsley incident occurred while a mother was picking up her children from Southside Elementary School, and she pulled into Beardsley’s driveway to turn around. That’s when Officer Beardsley came out of her home allegedly pointing a gun at arm level toward the car. According to the mother, the children were screaming so loudly she could not hear what Beardsley was saying as she approached the car. Beardsley maintains that she was carrying a cell phone, not a handgun. However, several other witnesses who called 911 also saw the handgun.

The town has since hired two new officers to replace Anderson and Beardsley, but police coverage remains at historic lows.

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24 Responses for “Video: The arrest that led to Longboat Officer Jessica Anderson’s termination”

  1. Becky says:

    Anyone know about the Stanford Prison Experiment? Copy and Paste Links

    Read the FAQ page link below first, then go on to the next link and read about this study.


    This is quite scary, because far too many people in positions of authority do not recognize themselves in this study.


    Read about the study, what went so wrong, what valuable information came forth.

  2. William Kary says:

    All of your comments are extremely insightful. Here’s an issue that I personally have: We have Veterans Day, Memorial day etc., but not “first responder’s day or LEO day”. Now clearly I want to state I am neither a Vet, First Responder or LEO, but where’s the recognition of these folks who put there lives on the line and in the in the line of duty? They don’t exist as they are not held in esteem with the exception of very few. A military or a LEO respondent has to make split second decisions that could in fact affect their well being. A language issue, well if you were on the line and attempting to calculate the individual’s next move, I AM CERTAIN YOU WOULD NOT GO DOWN THE PATH SOME OF YOU DID. Vets overall see a few years of overall deployment (for which I am ever so grateful), but these cats on the streets go out 20 or so years and certainly are going to make an “unprofessional” mistake on occasion. If you think you can do a better job apply for the position…. Get over it and be thank full for their service on LBK.

    As far as doughnuts go Wild, I seem to remember you should not be consuming… LOL!

  3. Arak Seepoom says:

    she was a slub and now she is gone. sometimes government does the right thing, rarely.

  4. BLUE ROSE says:

    My Experience has been that Female Officers are the first to pull their Guns faster than a Male Officer. Notice how she starts the Yelling First, the man never had a chance.

  5. Mike S says:

    I don’t know what to say.. As a Retired LEO, This Former Lady Officer Had Every Right to Ticket and Even Impound this Vehicle.. Not abuse the Guy… Why are People Arresting as a First Resort.. And the Second Officer Chimes In and Says, This Guy has always been Obstructive.. As in Endorsing her actions… And to add salt to the Wound, She has RO TOW come and get the Vehicle which was Totally her discretion and could have left vehicle at the location as NO CRIME or Violation had taken Place… PARKING VIOLATION.!!! I do not want any officer to lose His/Her Job, It can follow you from Job to job especially when you are trying to make a difference out there… I wish this Officer well in her future endeavors..

  6. Doug says:

    It’s not so tough to be a good cop. All it takes is respect for your fellow human being. The bad guys make it clear they are bad guys. Bad cops work to make good guys look bad. But even a bad guy has rights. Perhaps officer Anderson should have placed a ticket on the windshield and been on her way.Towing that car without contacting the owner would have been an unreasonable siezure by itself. Bad cop, good riddance.

  7. Mike says:

    It was right that she was fired for this, though frankly it was surprising as there are endless videos of cops doing 50 times worse than this and not even getting a slap on the wrist. One of the most bizarre things is her appeal… which doesn’t even seek to deny the breaches of policy but suggests that the policy doesn’t matter. Her appeal isn’t an argument for her own re-instatement, it’s an argument for more firings.

  8. lawrence says:

    well elisabeth maybe if that happens to ur dad ,brother son etc ull change ur mind i respect police officers too but some of these guys think they r gods cause they have a badge n gun,,,the cop was clearly wrong n she should b fired if it wasnt for the video she wouldve lied her s off n gotten an innocent man arrested for nothing .the retard shouldve left him a parking ticket thats it

  9. Paul says:

    Elizabeth,the thing that makes her look bad is at the end,she absolutly lies about the I.D. and who showed their a** as she so classilly put it.What respect can you have for an total liar?Especially one who is an officer of the peace that behaves so savagely in front of children.Shes trashy.

  10. sara says:

    I love how well “J says” puts it! So true. The fact that Elizabeth is trying to protect her wrongdoing says that she too misses the point!! The constitution doesn’t allow ambiguity and “hurt” feelings to be part of your skirting the law. Again, don’t get into a profession you can not handle. I am a Trauma Nurse and get cussed/spit and much more. I never ever get “mad” at my patients. They ALL get the best professional part of me. I put the mean comments in a category of they are just ill or stressed or whatever but I never let it cloud that each and every person be treated professionally by me. I think that is called maturity. Most cops think they are judge and jury and completely go against SERVE AND PROTECT!

  11. Lance says:

    Did you not read where the female cop Anderson said in defense of her actions “other officers violated these same policies but were not fired” so in that statement she told the truth on herself. Men & woman who wear police uniforms have placed themselves on a pedestal above all others. Tazers kill, yet they still use them. 137 shots fired into a car killing 2 unarmed civilians. See how out of control the cops are. I don’t trust any cop, any where, any time. I will take care of my own self. And if cops come near me, they need to know ahead of time they’re being video taped.

  12. Jason Kemper says:

    As a Police Officer and Paramedic I have worked just about every type of call in the public eye for the past 18 years. We are hired to protect and serve and are put to a higher standard then say a bouncer at a night club, yes I am being a smart ass. At no time do you cuss at anyone like that, especially in front of children. It is unprofessional and not right. Sometimes there are scenes where profanity is necessary but this is not one of them. She was terminated for the right reasons and should not be in law enforcement. She might be a wonderful person and nice, but the video is there and there is no arguing she was out of line. The Police Chief did the right thing and am happy to see the brass take action.

  13. Ghostrider says:

    Since you were a former law enforcement officer, permit me to share with with you a litmus test for bad police behavior. If you begin to speak to…. detain…. or stop any individual… and(!)… within minutes, you are using the F-word you have “anger-control” issues. Her behavior in THIS incident was NOT defensible.

    And may I add that I use the F-word, too.

  14. Randy says:

    Elizabeth, you clearly have something up your rear to have even suggested the BS you did. This little girl clearly violated a citizens rights and used such foul language even a MAN wouldn’t have used in this situation. So don’t think for one second you come in here and make a statement like that without some protest.

    She lost her job and that’s a GOOD THING because she never deserved it to begin with. Now deal with it Elizabeth and move on.

  15. Chad O says:

    I remember a time when one could walk down the street and see a police officer on foot patrol and say “Hi” to them and they would say “Hello” back with a friendly smile. Unfortunately that is not the case throughout much of the world anymore. While I understand the frustration the police go through in dealing with the bad element in society on a daily basis it does not give them the right to treat everyone like crap. This is all too common today, police officers walking around with a big chip on their shoulders and a scowl on their faces. But yet they want the citizens to be nice to them and treat them with respect because of their job. I’m sorry but I have very little respect and even less trust in police officers, I have been witness to severe brutality by police as well as corruption. Yes there are those that are nice, professional, kind and courteous but they are by far too few and outnumbered by the bad apples. This officer displayed an unacceptable level of courtesy and professionalisim and deserved what she got in return for it. To complain and say hey… others did the same thing but they didn’t get fired is not excuse to give her job back so she can continue her lack lusture performance in police duties. She’s just mad because she got caught and had to pay the price. Congrats to the Longboat Key police chief for doing his job and getting rid of the dead weight in his department.

  16. John Wild says:

    @Glenn – you mentioned eating donuts, implying perhaps our LBK police know something I don’t. Donut shops? On Longboat Key? I wish there were donut shops on Longboat Key – I have to drive to US 41 just north of Cortez to find a decent donut shop. Please, tell me where I can find a nearby donut shop. I already know where I can find a Longboat cop, thank you. Hey, maybe that might work at Whitney Plaza, along with that seven story hotel, the Jaleski Arms. In the words of Homer Simpson…..doh-nuts, ummm.

  17. Glenn says:

    @Elizabeth No one said it was easy…..Which job is? Although most of a PO’s day consist of mundane tasks, like eating dounuts.
    It is apparent that she lied in the video. The man said his ID was in the boat, she said she’ll wait. At 4:12 of vid she told another officer the guy said “No, I’m not getting my license.” That’s not true….. Her lies started at the scene and later..resisting arrest (bs), disorderly conduct (more bs), oh I almost forgot the most serious charge…….Showing out in front of the kids!!!

  18. Justalittlenorth says:

    As a former LEO, I can attest to how frustrated an officer gets sometimes. On the other side, I had a woman complain when I said the word “hell” in front of her child. This was after she cut loose with a barage of curse words; A through F, in front of that same child minutes earlier….Maybe she didn’t like my mentioning her home town

  19. Freeeeeedom says:

    The officer’s demeanor and language was wrong. She was wrong and did not represent the badge nor the city well. The real problem was not addressed. This isn’t France where the police can ask anyone on the street for their papers. Nor was this man even on the street. Even though an automobile was involved this was a parking violation. If it had been a moving violation or he was in his vehicle she would have been in her right to demand his license. She had no right to go to the man’s home and demand the same.
    If there was a parking violation she should have cited him and left the citation on his window or called for a tow truck if the offense required that action. I must have missed it when she informed the homeowner of the statute she had violated.

  20. COREY D. BURNETT says:


  21. Robert says:

    @Elizabeth. I agree that being a police officer is a hard job but the fact that they run into “terrible people doing terrible things” does not give them the right to treat everyone like they are criminals. The police are entrusted to uphold the constitution and ALL of the rights of ALL citizens. Good job to the internal affairs officer who sent her packing.

  22. Mario Salas says:

    @ Elizabeth She was clearly wrong, can you not see the video. Cops like her deserve what she got. Your gonna argue this while your peers made this decision. Cmon ya’ll are not perfec.t happy trails to her.

  23. J says:

    Elizabeth, people like you always want to talk about how hard it is for cops to be professional. Who cares what her previous interactions with her victim were like? You don’t get to arrest people because they were mean to you. Police officers need to get it through their heads that being entrusted–literally–with the power to shoot someone means they must be held to a higher standard. There should be zero tolerance for a police officer who arrests, beats, or otherwise abuses their power in a fit of pique. Crossing that line means we cannot trust you to perform your duties without endangering the public. Game over. Get out. You’re not welcome.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    The fact that this video was even posted disgusts me. I personally have had many pleasant encounters with Ofc. Anderson while she worked on the Island and I feel that this is just another attempt to make her look bad. Being a former Law Enforcement Officer myself I can tell you that being an Officer is not an easy job and that we often encounter terrible people that do terrible things. I don’t know what exactly happened in this scenario but before anyone should even start to judge her and her actions I think you need all the facts. The video “shows” nothing in regards to her interactions with this individual and that says a lot. There is always two sides to a story and it is apparent here that no one cared to “listen” to Ofc. Anderson’s side, they just saw the video and made their judgements. It’s unfortunate.

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